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John Deere adds to its tractor line again

Flagship 6250R model pushes horsepower to 250 in the 6R Series

The new 6R models get an improved CommandPRO joystick, which has a more ergonomic design and has 11 programmable buttons.

One of the announcements John Deere made at Germany’s Agritechnica machinery show in November was the introduction of two new models to its 6R tractor line. Although they were just being introduced to the European market at that time, expect to see them become available here in the not-to-distant future.

The 230 horsepower 6230R and 250 horsepower 6250R will push the maximum available horsepower in the 6R chassis configuration well beyond the 215 it currently tops out at in North America. With a power bulge thanks to Deere’s Intelligent Engine Management System, the 6.8 litre PowerTech PSS diesel in the 6250R can summon up to 300 horses when needed. The 6230R can jump up to 280.

With dual turbochargers and “advanced DPF and SCR” emissions systems, the 6.8s will breath cleaner with less fuel consumption, according to the company. Engine power gets routed through an upgraded version of the AutoPowr transmission. When roading, the AutoPowr achieves a fuel saving by hitting a 50 km/h road speed at just 1,630 engine r.p.m. And it will do 40 km/h at 1,300 r.p.m.

These two models are meant to be versatile with a base chassis weight of only 9.3 tonnes. That gives them an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 31 kilograms (68 pounds) per horsepower. The whole idea, according to Deere’s marketing reps is to make them fuel efficient if used for lighter loader jobs or towing grain carts. But still allowing them to be ballasted up to a maximum of 15 tonnes for heavy draft work in the field. Even with maximum ballasting the chassis are still sturdy enough to tolerate another 5.7 tonnes of weight, such as with a loader or a mounted implement on the three-point hitch.

John Deere added the 6230R and 6250R to the top end of its 6R line in Europe. Expect to see them become available here soon. photo: John Deere

There are upgrades inside the cab too. The all-new CommandPRO joystick uses a more ergonomic design. It gets 11 programmable buttons, which are capable of controlling the PTO, SCVs and three-point hitch along with any ISOBUS-compatible implement systems. And, of course, the joystick also controls tractor speed with a simple forward and back movement.

In the hydraulic department, these tractors get a pump that can deliver 160 l/min at only 1,500 engine r.p.m.

The cabs are available with hydro-pneumatic suspension. Up front, the triple-link TLS Plus self-levelling axle suspension system helps deliver 10 per cent more power to the ground, according to Deere’s calculations. The smart axle suspension has an automatic sensitivity feature that adjusts the suspension rate, and it can synchronize that with the hitch sensing system to minimize power hop under heavy draft loads.

When it comes to digital capabilities, the new 6Rs get more than their fair share there too. They’re available with Deere’s MyJobsConnect and MyJobsManager apps that allow operators to view and carry out tasks in real time with a portable smart device. There’s also the Intelligent Navigation and Fleet Logistics function that holds a database of public roads and allows operators to find the quickest way to a field entrance.

Deere says all the maintenance points on the new 6Rs are easy to access, and they come with 750-hour engine oil and filter along with fuel filter service intervals. They also have a lifetime DPF (diesel particulate filter) and a lower DEF consumption rate that the company claims will improve overall fluid consumption by two to three per cent.

If my guess is right, keep an eye out for these two new tractors to debut at North American shows this summer.

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