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John Deere adds a “light weight” sprayer

R4044 joins the Green 
brand’s 4 Series sprayer line

John Deere’s new R4044 sprayer has a 1,200-gallon tank but is nine percent lighter than the current R4045 model.

In May John Deere announced the introduction of the R4044 sprayer. Although it offers a 1,200 gallon (4,542 litre) product tank and sports a 325 horsepower, nine-litre diesel under the hood, it still weighs in nine per cent lighter than the R4045. Deere’s marketing staff say this machine fills a niche for those who are looking for something that offers high-end technology buts has a lighter footprint to get into fields sooner and cause less soil compaction.

To help further minimize impact on field surfaces, the R4044 will be available with VF radial tires. Buyers get a choice of steel booms up to 120 feet or optional 120 or 132-foot carbon fibre booms instead, which can significantly reduce the machine’s overall weight.

The R4044 can also be equipped with a 200 cubic foot dry box instead of a liquid tank. Up front, operators get the comfort of the brand’s CommandView III cab, which has the same control arrangement as the other 4 Series sprayers, keeping a consistent feel for operators that may have to change between machines.

Deere’s ExactApply nozzle control system maintains a consistent droplet size through a wide range of field speeds, as well as minimizing overlap and drift. ExactApply also offers turn compensation and individual shut off at the nozzles.

Beginning in June buyers can place their orders at the local Deere dealer and expect their new R4044 to arrive sometime near the end of 2018.

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