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CNH brands introduce new corn headers

Case IH and NH offer redesigned, lightweight headers for narrow-row configurations

Case IH's redesigned 4400 Series corn headers are capable of handling 20- and 22-inch row spacing.

In February, Case IH announced it had expanded its 4400 Series line of corn headers with what it calls “all-new” narrow-row configurations. These new 12-,16-, and 18-row models are meant to appeal to growers who use 20- or 22-inch row spacing.

“We took a clean-sheet approach to our new narrow row corn headers,” said Case IH’s Kelly Kravig, in a press release. “The new design focuses on five key performance areas to help producers pick cleaner, increase picking speeds, save more grain and pick up down corn.”

Along with those improvements in performance, the new headers weigh in at up to 2,000 pounds lighter than much of their competition, according to the brand. That, notes Kravig, will help improve combine floatation, decrease soil compaction and decrease the odds of getting stuck in wet fields.

The new headers use a redesigned power flow. For the first time, Case IH combines channel drive through centrally-mounted gear boxes in the middle of the header and split torque equally to the right and left sides. From there, separate drive lines power the row units and choppers, providing more efficient power flow and improved protection for the drive lines.

“A single drive line is fine if you have 150-bushel corn,” added Kravig. “But when handling loads above 250 bushels, producers need a corn header made for today and the future,”

There are other changes built into the new 4400 headers as well. They include row guide sensors to help the unit stay centred on the rows. The divider and hood profile have been changed to create a smoother material flow, flip-up tall corn attachments have been integrated into the dividers to help prevent ear loss, and the new headers can more easily accommodate larger stalk diameters.

New Holland

Case IH’s sister brand, New Holland, has released its version of the new corn header, calling it the 9200 CornMaster Series. The new yellow headers share most of the same features as the Case IH versions; and they, too, will be will be available in 12- to 18-row working widths, specifically designed for 20- and 22-inch row spacing.

“When we set out to develop a new series of corn heads for New Holland Combines, we asked our customers what was most important for their total operations and not just for the corn heads”, said Dan Valen, Director of Marketing for New Holland, in that brand’s press announcement. “What we heard back was customers really wanted to maximize their combining productivity overall while ensuring every possible kernel of corn ended up in the grain tank and not on the ground. And that’s what we delivered; more total combine productivity, more efficiency, (and) more grain in the bin.”

According to the company, the 9200 series headers pick cleaner, which means they can reduce the amount of MOG (Material Other than Grain) going into the hopper by up to 28,000 pounds per hour compared to competitive row units attached to a New Holland Combine. And that means the load on the combine engine is reduced by up to 25 horsepower.

New Holland’s version of the new corn header is called the 9200 CornMaster Series. photo: New Holland

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