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A little UTV bling

offers custom accessories for its Defender UTV line

DragonFire-brand protective roll bars, bumpers and rock sliders are now available for the Can-Am Defender models.

Most new vehicles roll off assembly lines with some pretty great styling, but the aftermarket industry always seems to come up with accessories that make it possible to ramp up the cool factor. That not only applies to adding bling to the farm pickup, but the UTV that gets used for farm chores and hunting as well.

This year BRP’s Can-Am brand announced it has teamed up with Arizona-based DragonFire, a component manufacturer, to offer a line of accessories that not only improve the looks of a machine but its safety and durability as well.

The joint venture has resulted in the release of seven products that can be bolted on to Can-Am’s Defender models in an afternoon by anyone with a wrench. They come powder coated in black or “Squadron Green.”

On that list of accessories are new, heavy-duty front and rear steel bumpers. They come ready to accept a 10-inch LED light bar or four-inch round LED lights. The rear has a step built into it to make getting in and out of the rear bed much easier.

There is also a new exo-frame protective structure that mates with those bumpers. It provides front and corner protection to the body and lights. That would be pretty useful in preventing scratches and dents from trees when trying to flush those reluctant cows out of the bush and keep them following the herd.

Add the bolt-on side runners that can prevent accidental body damage from rocks or terrain hazards and any Defender starts to get pretty resistant to abuse. There is also the rear bed roll bar that provides additional protection to the cab from rear cargo, which just notches up the rugged factor a little bit higher.

DragonFire accessories are available in black or “Squadron Green.” photo: Can-Am

And for those days when you need to pack up a Defender to head out to a field and thin down a gopher population or go hunting during the fall deer season, Can-Am is also making Kolpin Stronghold Gear Rail systems to hold gun cases a bolt-on feature.

Stronghold Gun Boots can hold rifles up to 52 inches long with scopes, and best of all they can keep them secure from unwanted attention from young children or thieves.

These products are now available through Can-Am dealers.

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