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Camso offers remanufactured track for farm machinery

Retreaded rubber tracks and mid rollers offer lower-cost replacements

Quebec-based Camso is 
now offering remanufactured 
rubber tracks as a lower-cost replacement alternative.

Camso, the rubber track manufacturer that sells track systems directly to both farmers and OEMs, introduced a new program in March, which involves offering farmers remanufactured replacement rubber tracks as a lower-cost alternative to buying brand new ones. The process involves applying new tread bars onto used tracks that are ready for replacement.

The program began last year as a pilot project. After 500 hours of field use, the company says the refurbished belts returned to regular use during that time have shown the same level of tread bar adhesion and performance as newly manufactured tracks. So this year Camso will begin full-scale production of “certified remanufactured” tracks and mid rollers, and farmers can get them through any one of Camso’s dealers.

“With this program, Camso is giving multiple lives to a product farmers have always trusted, and provides an alternative to get into a Camso track or wheel product,” said Martin Lunkenbein, service and aftermarket sales executive director, in a press release. “As track applications become more popular among farmers, our remanufactured program offers customers an affordable way to increase the return on investment from their purchase.”

To participate in this program, farmers can take their own tracks to a dealer to arrange to have new tread bars installed, or they can buy a set of remanufactured belts from the company’s existing inventory.

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