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Brandt rolls out XT series grain carts

An updated tank design and new auger configuration offer performance benefits

Last fall, the Brandt Group of Companies announced the addition of its new XT series grain carts to its established grain handling lineup. The new carts offer an updated tank design and new auger configuration to deliver significant performance benefits over other products currently on the market, according to the company.

“The XT series offers a whole bunch of features that were driven by customer feedback centred around reliability, ease of use, longevity and productivity — the things our customers need to get through the typically stressful fall harvest season,” says Brandt’s vice-president of sales, dealer channel, Sheldon Gerspacher. “Harvest is all about productivity and these carts set a new standard for the industry.”

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Improved visibility

The XT series uses a unique, corner-mount auger design that delivers more than eight feet of forward auger reach, more than 15 feet of side auger reach and more than 13 feet of discharge spout clearance.

The extra reach and clearance ensure clearer forward visibility from the tractor cab to the discharge spout, allowing operators to work more comfortably, no excessive turning and bending required.

This better visibility enables operators to be more productive for longer periods during the hectic harvest season. The additional side reach means operators can work more safely, allowing them to operate at a greater distance from the truck and trailer, and even to load from the field while the truck stays safely parked on the road.

Then new features on Brandt’s XT series grain carts were driven by customer feedback, which focused on reliability, ease of use, longevity and productivity.
photo: Brandt

Cleanout and safety features

Brandt also incorporated ease-of-cleaning features. Specifically, the XT series carts offer a new, low-profile modular tank design, which eliminates common ledges and catch points to ensure faster, more thorough cleanout, minimizing crop switchover times. As well, the carts include a ground-level access door for safe tank entry for maintenance.

“A common concern we heard from farmers was about the traditional need to climb in and over a grain cart. The access door offers a very safe, very easy way to clean the cart. We’re proud to have come up with a unique solution that addresses farmers’ concerns about accessibility,” says Gerspacher.

In addition to the functional features the new carts provide, Gerspacher says he is also proud of their quality, fit and finish.

“Our customers are very proud of the equipment they own. We are very proud to supply it to them — right down to the type of paint that’s on these carts, we focused on building something that will last,” he says.

The XT series carts are the culmination of three years of development and intensive customer consultation.

“This series of grain carts truly started from the ground up,” says Gerspacher. “We had many, many in-person focus groups with farmers from across North America. We visited with farmers several times throughout the development process, both at the concept and the prototype stages. And we brought farmers to our production plant as we worked through the design process. I can truly say this line of grain carts was developed from customer feedback, based on the real demands and challenges they face when they’re working in the field.”

The XT series grain carts were voted one of the top new products of the Farm Progress Virtual Experience, held Sept. 15-17, 2020.

“Winning that was definitely a big feather in our cap,” says Gerspacher. “We’re also really proud that several of the farmers who were part of our design focus groups ended up purchasing the product afterwards, and the customers in our focus groups have turned into some of our biggest advocates.”

Production of the new grain carts started last May and shipments to dealers in Canada has already begun.

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