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Bourgault redesigns the 9400 chisel plow

New floating-hitch 9500 Series models can handle higher horsepower

On display during Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina, Bourgault’s 9500 Series floating-hitch chisel plows offer an updated design

We had the 9400 (chisel plow) for many years, and there’s been a resurgence in tillage and deep tillage,” says Rob Fagnou, marketing specialist at Bourgault. “So we went to the drawing board again and redesigned it from the ground up. ”

The new 9500 Series models, which made their first public appearance at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in June, are the result of that ground-up redesign.

When Bourgault’s older 9400 Series models were originally engineered, tractors commonly in use across the prairies generally topped out at around 350 horsepower. Now, of course, many have broken the 600 horsepower barrier.

“So you want a frame that can handle that,” Fagnou says. “We created a chisel plow that’s able to handle the high horsepowers. Plus our 7000 Series carts are much larger now and some guys will put air kits on the chisel plows. So this (9500) is designed to work with our up to 1,300 bushel carts.”

“It’s available in 70 or 66 feet. And we just released our 60-foot model, so you can get it in 56 or 60 feet. If you want a smaller chisel plow we still sell the 9400 in those sizes.”

The 9500 Series models get a heavier running gear to handle the extra weight from a heavier frame, and the walking axle design is now similar to that used on the brand’s hoe drills.

“It’s a little bit more robust,” Fagnou adds. “We changed the position of the in-frame running gear in the main frame. We actually moved it back a bit, because of the size. We sacrificed a little bit of contouring to get more stability in transport. We tried to find the optimum spot without giving up too much of one to get the other.”

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