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Bourgault introduces L7550 tow-between seed cart

Bourgault introduces a new cart, and more drill options

This year Bourgault used Canada’s Farm Progress Show to introduce growers to another new addition to its 7000 Series seed cart line. The L7550 takes the features of the existing tow-behind 7550 and puts them into a tow-between configuration. The “L” in the new cart’s model number stands for “leading” (tow between).

The introduction of more tow-between models seemed to be part of a trend at this year’s CFPS. Product reps at most equipment brands acknowledge they are seeing a slight increase in demand for this type of cart, transfers some weight to a tractor hitch. That could help minimize wheel slip.

“We sell, by far, more tow behinds, but we are seeing a bit of a creep up (in demand) for the leading,” says Rob Fagnou, marketing specialist at Bourgault. “Horsepower is no longer the limiting factor. Traction becomes the limiting factor. Some farmers want to transfer some of that weight to the tractor.”

The L7550 becomes the second tow-between or “leading” cart in Bourgault’s 7000 Series model line up.

“It’s really a continuation of the 7000 Series,” Fagnou continues. “We’re still selling the 6550, because there is quite a bit of difference between the 6000 and the 7000. There is a strong demand for the Auto Section Control which is only marketed on the 7000 Series.”

The L7550 offers 550-bushel capacity (the same as the 6550) split between four compartments, with the same inter-tank flexibility Bourgault offers on all its models. The meter uses hydraulic drive and is operated by a Topcon X30 monitor.

“It’s a full 7000 Series system,” Fagnou explains. “You have a 20-bushel saddle tank and hydraulic drive for that quick response you need for sectional control and variable rate. The only thing we can’t sell on there is the bulk boom.”

To load and unload seed and fertilizer, the L7550 gets a 10-inch auger. And the cart rides on 800/65R32 duals as standard equipment.

Also standard is a stand-alone camera system that has its own seven-inch LCD monitor. Each tank compartment has an internal camera so the operator can see how much product remains in each one. The system also has a rear-mounted camera to allow the tractor driver to see traffic approaching from the rear during road transport.

Load cells to monitor tank weights are an option.

Availability of the high-floatation option on 3320 and 3720 drills has been expanded and the drills can now be equipped with high-floatation tires on both the main frame and outer sections.

Availability of the high-floatation option on 3320 and 3720 drills has been expanded and the drills can now be equipped with high-floatation tires on both the main frame and outer sections.
photo: Scott Garvey

When Bourgault initially introduced a high-floatation tire option on its largest 3320 drill at last year’s Canada’s Farm Progress Show, farmers immediately began asking the brand to make that option available on models with smaller working widths. This year the company is doing just that with an improved high-floatation package.

“We have a mainframe option, where you can get the high floatation wheels just on the mainframe or straight across,” says Fagnou.

High floatation tires are now an option on Bourgault’s 3320 drills with working widths from 60 to 86 feet and on the 3720 models with 60- and 70-foot widths. An added advantage of this feature is when operating in very wet conditions, the bigger tires with their improved floatation could help improve seed placement.

“It will help in that way because you’re not going to have the sinking in,” Fagnou says. “You are going to be able to realize better placement in more extreme conditions.”

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