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Digital upgrades from Bourgault

The brand moves up to a Topcon X35 in-cab monitor

Bourgault air seeders will now be delivered with a Topcon X35 monitor system, which includes a few new features.

Buyers of Bourgault seeding equipment will now get an upgraded monitor system. A Topcon X35 system replaces the previous X30 the brand had been using.

“This year the X35 replace the X30,” says Bourgault’s Rob Fagnou. “For the most part its very similar to the X30. The screen size is the same, but it has a smaller case. The buttons that used to be on the bottom are now touch screen.”

That means users will find it very similar to use, but they will get some added features.

“With the X35 we have the Extend feature, so it has a Wi-Fi system,” Fagnou adds. “Now you can download an app from Topcon and enter in your weights (on a mobile device) and run your calibration from right beside the seeder, as opposed to having to write down your weights and go back to the monitor in the cab.”

The X35 is capable of making independent adjustments on the overlap of seed and fertilizer as well.

“We’ve gone to a dual ASC now,” says Fagnou. “So we have dual Auto Sectional Control. In our previous ASC you set the timing when you wanted seed and fertilizer to turn on and off. Now you can actually adjust that separately. Farmers tend to set fairly heavy overlaps for seed to ensure they don’t have any gaps. Now they can do that without over fertilizing. They could have, say, a 95 percent overlap in seed and 5 percent in fertilizer. It’s a little greater savings and a little less risk of lodging.”

And the really good news is the upgrade to the X35 won’t add anything to the sticker price of a new Bourgault air seeder unit, according to Fagnou.

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