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Bin probe provides instant temperature reading

The Dimos Labtronics bin 
probe transmits Wi-Fi signal

Demonstrating the instant sensor readout, Jason Diehl of Dimos Labtronics placed his hand over the 
probe sensor and the readout on the cell phone in his other hand changed almost instantly.

Keeping tabs on the temperature of stored grain is critical to ensuring producers don’t lose money from spoilage. Increasing internal bin temperature readings are an indication stored grain is at risk.

Jason Diehl of Dimos Labtronics was showing his company’s Wi-Fi grain probe at Manitoba Ag Days in Brandon. It’s designed to provide an easy and quick way to determine what temperatures are hitting inside a bin. The probe tip provides an instant readout on the surrounding temperature and transmits that data in real time via its own Wi-Fi signal.

Producers can read that signal with their smartphone or any other Wi-Fi-capable device after they insert the probe into a bin.

“You simply turn the probe on and on your smartphone you go into the Wi-Fi settings and you’ll detect and connect to the Wi-Fi probe,” he explained. “You enter your browser to get onto the Internet and enter your IP address, it’s just a series of numbers, and that will connect you to the Wi-Fi probe. You’ll see a temperature being displayed in degrees Celsius as well as the battery life remaining. It’s an instant reading that will show up on their smartphone or other Wi-Fi-capable device, such as an iPad or iPod.”

The sensor is mounted on a nine-foot probe handle.

“It can be used to probe a bin after it’s been filled up,” he continued. “This would be for bins that don’t have cables installed in them or for farmers that are renting bin space and don’t want to install cables. This is a way they can probe the bin and get a temperature reading in real time.”

To demonstrate the speed of the reading, Diehl turned on the display probe at his show display and put his hand over the sensor. The temperature reading on his cell phone changed almost instantly.

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