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Apache sprayer updates

The brand adds another boom 
choice and system enhancements

To help celebrate their 20-year anniversary, Apache-brand sprayers get a host of improvements.

Indiana-based ET Works recently announced several new options and updates for its 2017 line of Apache sprayers.

The Apaches’ standard spray booms will now feature quick-service, Banjo-style manifold fittings and Hypro nozzle bodies. Stainless steel boom plumbing will now be an option too. To support all that equipment, the brand’s 90- and 100-foot booms get a redesign, which is intended to increase their structural strength and make them more durable when operating in rough field conditions.

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The company will also add a 100-foot Pommier aluminum boom option to the existing line of 120 and 132 Pommiers it has been offering. The lighter weight of these booms allows for increased flexibility with machine configuration.

In the cab, the machines’ on-board diagnostics get an upgrade too. According to the company, the new digital system is much more user friendly and intuitive to use. The new smart diagnostics module will allow operators to monitor and troubleshoot all machine functions including the engine and transmission. To make it easier to get into the cab, models fitted with adjust-on-the-go axles will get a better ladder.

All Apache sprayers are now available with the Raven Hawkeye application control system that includes turn compensation and nozzle-by-nozzle boom control to improve application rates and reduce overlap. A direct chemical injection system also gets added to the options list, so producers can mix chemical concentrates in the line.

2017 model year 30 Series machines with 1,000 and 1,200 gallon tanks will get Tier 4 Final diesel engines mated to ZF-brand transmissions that have been given “refinements” to provide better, smoother shifting.

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