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Air line uses truck compressor

A glad hand connector on an air hose brings compressed air to the field

Having a source of compressed air in the field can be a pretty handy tool. But carting around a shop air compressor isn’t exactly easy, unless you have one permanently mounted in a service truck.

For many farms, however, there is almost always an air compressor in the field. During seeding, spraying and harvest, the farm’s heavy truck is almost always around, and it probably has an air brake system. By making up a special air hose, it’s possible to use the truck’s compressor for other tasks, like inflating a low tire, using an air tool, or blowing out a clogged radiator. This low-cost line makes all that possible, and it stows away easily — much easier than an entire air compressor.

All it takes is a standard air hose fitted with a glad hand connector at one end and a standard quick connect coupler at the other. With a glad hand connector at one end, the portable air line can be attached to the emergency (also called the supply) line of any truck or truck tractor equipped with glad hand connectors for pulling a trailer. Open the red trailer supply valve in the cab, which allows air to flow through the line, and you now have a portable air supply.

The hose is cheap, simple to make, and very handy.

You can likely think of a few situations where this system could come in handy. photo: Scott Garvey

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Scott Garvey is a freelance writer and video producer. He is also the former machinery editor at Grainews.



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