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Agrimatics’ feed wagon management solution

This new system uses a mobile device to help 
prepare and track feed rations

The Libra TMR system allows for easier mixing of feed rations and can also be used to record the amount fed.

Feedlot operators looking for an easier way to load and keep track of feed rations will likely appreciate the new Libra TMR system from Saskatoon-based Agrimatics.

“We launched it in February,” explained Jasmine Brodziak, Agrimatics marketing director. “Basically, it comes from a product we’ve had on the market for about four years, which is called Libra Cart. It (Libra Cart) is a grain cart weighing and data management system. We took that idea and built this product. It goes on the feed mixer and that hardware is Bluetoothed to a tablet or smartphone in the cab.”

With the Libra TMR system, mobile devices use an app that allows for pre-programmed feed rations to be entered into the program. Then the hardware on the feed wagon keeps track of the amount loaded by syncing to load cells and relays that to the iPad or smartphone. The system can communicate with a mobile device up to 400 feet away from the mixer wagon.

If a smaller batch than usual is need, the system can automatically adjust the amount of any remaining ingredients required to complete a ration based on the weight of the first one loaded into the cart. It can also divide the required daily ration amount based on multiple feedings.

“Based on the head count in each pen and ingredients, it will tell you how much to load and how much is left,” Brodziak added. “It also tracks how much has been fed to each pen. All that data is stored in the iPad, and you can export it out through email. We’ll be launching a cloud service (soon).”

The system can be purchased directly from Agrimatics for US$2,900 through its website. The company is also looking for dealers and distributors to retail the Libra TMR in Canada.

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