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Agrifac launches the Condor Endurance II sprayer

Dutch manufacturer updates its SP sprayer with enhanced spraying ability

Agrifac held an event in Holland to introduce the New Condor Endurance II.

In early February, Dutch sprayer manufacturer Agrifac introduced an updated version of its Condor Endurance, the Condor Endurance II, at a launch event in Steenwijk, the Netherlands. Company director Peter Millenaar says since their launch in 2015 the original Condors now have some 18.5 million acres under their belts, and the new model encompasses Agrifac’s vision for the future, which has comfort, quality and simplicity at its heart.

The Endurance II keeps the same basic characteristics as its predecessor. Booms widths range from 24 to 55 metres (78 to180 feet), tank capacity is 8,000 litres (2,113 U.S. gallons), and it still rides on a version of the unique StabiloPlus chassis, which was developed to be extremely stable while maintaining great ground clearance. The newer model, though, includes some inspired features, which fall in line with Agrifac’s new concept.

The new Condor Endurance II is an updated version of the original Endurance model introduced in 2015. photo: Agrifac

On the practical side, the sprayer itself has been divided into different zones to improve safety and ease of maintenance. Filling is done in one area only, at the front of the sprayer and around and below the cab. The tanks and storage are located in the center of the sprayer, and the pump system and electronics can be found at the back. To prevent the risk of a short circuit, the wiring loom and hoses have been moved to separate sides of the sprayer. Hydraulic hoses are now mounted in a way that allows for a narrower wheel assembly, which better protects the crop.

The new Endurance II is also equipped with an updated LED light package, which provides better illumination for operation at high speeds, and around the sprayer itself. The suspended cab improves operator comfort and offers better ergonomics and improved visibility. Finally, the mudguards move with the wheels while steering.

A new LED light package provides better overall illumination. photo: Agrifac

Inside, the sprayer has been equipped with the new EcoTronicPlus II, a fully integrated armrest complete with joystick designed just for spraying. Inside the cab there is just one screen, used both for spraying and for GPS. Depending on what the operator is doing, only relevant information is displayed, which helps avoid distractions.

Spraying ability has also been enhanced to provide more accurate patterns and require less maintenance. It does that with the improved GreenFlowPlus Agrifac pump and spray system. The system’s pneumatically controlled pressure regulator is built more compact, resulting in less rest liquid. CAN-controlled valves and a flow meter help optimize flow levels and directions. There is also has a Multi-Stage centrifugal pump, which can maintain high output at even higher pressures. The improved system ensures.

Plumbing, hydraulic and electrical lines have been repositioned to reduce maintenance. photo: Agrifac

With the new Endurance II, Agrifac also took crop and soil compaction issues into consideration. Track width on the new model ranges from 190 to 460 centimetres (74 to 181 inches) and clearance has been increased to 138 centimetres (54 inches), made possible by the updated design of the chassis, as well as the ability to mount of up to 230 centimetres in diameter. Having tires that size ensures a larger track, and therefore, lower ground pressure.

The EcoTronicPlus II armrest is designed for ergonomic comfort and simple operation. photo: Agrifac

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