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AGCO introduces the new MF 1700M Series tractors

36- to 60-horsepower tractors for those smaller jobs

The new Massey Ferguson 1700M Series compact tractors are new for the 2019 model year.

Using the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, as the venue, AGCO introduced the Massey Ferguson 1700M Series compact tractors, which is made up of two models offering 36 and 60 horsepower. The larger tractor can be ordered with either a 12×12 power shuttle or electronically controlled three-range hydrostatic transmission. The smaller tractor is available only with the 12×12. But this power shuttle transmission has a pretty operator friendly design as well. It allows the operator to drive without having to use the clutch in the conventional way.

Available in either open-station or deluxe-cabbed versions, these new machines don’t rely on a DPF (diesel particulate filter) to keep what comes out of the exhaust pipe clean.

“Meeting the Tier 4 emissions standards without a DPF is a significant advantage of the 1700M Series compared to many other compact tractors,” explained Jeffrey Ratliff, tactical marketing manager for AGCO, in a press release. No DPF means no excessive heat build-up, no downtime related to emissions, lower maintenance costs and the engine can be shut down at any time without fear of bypassing necessary regeneration.

The smaller 1750M has a rear three-point hitch lift capacity of 2,535 pounds. (1,150 kilograms). That jumps to 3,086 lbs. (1,400 kg) on the 1760M.

Both tractors include a 540-RPM independent rear PTO. But an optional 2,000-rpm mid-mount PTO that engages electro-hydraulically with the twist of a knob is also available as an option.

Under the hood, the tractors get a three-cylinder Shibaura diesel engine, not exactly a household brand name in North America, but AGCO claims they’ve used these engines in other models and have come to like their torque and reliability a lot.

“Massey Ferguson has seen great success with the Shibaura engines in our economy compact line-up,” added Ratliff. “So placing them in our latest premium compact tractors made a lot of sense.”

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