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A corn header with variable row spacing ability

New equipment design from Gerhinghoff

The Geringhoff Freedom corn header can handle a variety of different row spacings.

Combine header manufacturer Gerhinghoff had a significant new product line to introduce to the North American market at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, in February. The brand’s new Independence product line of headers includes two new corn models, the Freedom and the Patriot, which offer producers some new design options.

The Freedom model makes it possible for one header to handle a wide variety of row spacings. It uses angled, two-chain feeders to pull corn into the combine. The angled position of the row units also gives the header improved performance in downed corn, according to the company. Marketing staff at the brand describe the design of the drive gearboxes on the row units as “radical,” which allows for a more compact design and lets the units fit together more tightly, which is a big reason the header can handle very tight row spacings.

The Freedom header also uses the brand’s Rota Disc cutting system to chop corn residue down into much smaller chunks to accelerate decomposition in the field.

The other corn header in the new Independence line, the Patriot, is designed for twin row planting configurations and was developed in partnership with Stine Seed Company. Its double-sprocket gathering chain system eliminates the whipping effect when conventional corn headers try to harvest twin row corn. The header is also available with optional end row augers that help improve feeding and yield retention.

“These new corn heads are designed for leading-edge growers who are pushing yields to new heights,” said Tosh Brinkerhoff, president and CEO of Geringhoff North America in a press release. “Our breakthrough technology has been proven to handle high yields in tough conditions, and gives growers the freedom to farm with more options than ever before.”

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