Sollio Agriculture name comes west

Larger company strengths livestock nutrition business

Jason McNaughton says Sollio Agriculture specialists will continue to work closely with swine, dairy and poultry producers.

Western Canadian livestock producers will be seeing a new name at various retailers across the West as the long-operating Standard Nutrition Canada is replaced with the Sollio Agriculture name.

Based in Quebec, but now with a reach across the country, Sollio Agriculture is a co-op-structured company providing a wide range of crop input and livestock feeds and supplements to producers in nearly 300 Canadian communities, and 29 countries around the world.

“Producers will see some tremendous benefits under the Sollio Agriculture banner,” says Jason McNaughton, general manager, livestock production for Sollio Agriculture in Western Canada. McNaughton had previously been with Standard Nutrition for some 25 years.

“It strengthens our position and the product line for producers,” he says. Standard Nutrition was a company of about 75 people with annual sales of about $85 million. Sollio Agriculture, the agribusiness Division of Sollio Cooperative Group, has more than 1,100 employees and made $2.577 billion in sales in 2019. It specializes in the merchandising of farm inputs and value-added agronomic services across three business sectors: livestock production, crop production and grain.

With products and employees now part of Sollio Agriculture, McNaughton says the national company is in a much better position to compete with larger players in the crop and livestock input industry.

As Sollio Agriculture completes the purchase of Standard Nutrition Canada — acquisition plans actually started in 2018 — it will maintain facilities in five communities across the West. Those operations include  feed mill, a grain centre and a retail store in Winnipeg, a retail store and warehouse in Brandon, Man., a premix plant, warehouse and retail store in Lethbridge, Alberta and retail stores, offices and warehouses in Red Deer, Alta. and Swift Current, Sask.

Sollio Agriculture says it takes over a strong market share Standard Nutrition Canada had developed in supplying vitamins, minerals and feed supplements to swine producers across Western Canada, along with a growing share of nutritional products to the poultry and dairy industries as well. The company will maintain a staff of 18 species-specific agri-advisors, veterinarian and consultants working directly with producers. “Our proximity and flexibility set us apart from bigger companies,” says McNaughton. “We can find a solution to anything, while supporting the community.”

As part of a partnership between Sollio Agriculture and hog processor Olymel in Red Deer, one of the first new programs available to hog producers this fall is the Western Value Hog Chain. Producers in Alberta and Saskatchewan who buy products from Sollio Agriculture and market hogs through Olymel, will automatically become full members of the Sollio Agriculture co-operative and be eligible for discounts and other patronage benefits.

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