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Young farmer connects to the world on social media

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If you want know how the farm year is progressing in the Filmore area of southern Saskatchewan, check out Jake Leguee’s blog at

The young Saskatchewan farmer has been writing about farm life for the past couple years. It’s not a lot of drama or earth-shattering news, but just about the every day trials, tribulations and successes of being part of a 12,000-acre family farm on the Canadian prairies. His blog, “A year in the life of a farmer,” is aptly named.

“I write the blog mostly for myself,” says Leguee, 27. “Personally it is just a good outlet for me to talk about what we do here every day, and also to share some thoughts on issues affecting the agriculture industry.” He has a new blog post once or twice a month.

“Part of it is also a way to connect with other farmers and to explain to people who don’t farm what agriculture is all about, “ says Leguee. “A lot of people think once the crop is in the bin in October that you are done for the year. But in reality this is not just a seasonal industry as some people think. When you’re not growing a crop you’re busy trying to market one or planning to grow the next one. And it is important that anyone who doesn’t farm is aware of that. There are other farmers who read it, but is intended to explain to people who aren’t farming why we do what we do.”

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The University of Saskatchewan graduate with a degree in agronomy, who also works as an agronomist for the local Top Notch Farm Supply in Fillmore, when he’s not out in his own fields, says he finds value in the social media connections. Along with the blog, he also has a Twitter account, which helps him connect with a wide range of people all over the world.

“I actually get a lot of valuable information from Twitter,” he says. “I am connecting with quite a few other farmers and there is a back and forth flow of information.” Follow him on Twitter at: @legueefarms.

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