UC5 Controls Boom Height

Norac’s new UC5 automatic spray height control system uses ultrasonic sensors to keep your boom at the desired height. You mount three or five sensors along the boom — the number depending on boom length or the variability of your terrain. The non-contact sensors monitor ground surface or crop height, depending on your preference and crop conditions. You set the height you want the boom above the ground or above the crop.

With UC5, you don’t have to move your head back and forth to monitor for changes in field terrain and to make sure the boom is OK. This should allow you to spray faster. The ultrasonic sensors do not need light to measure boom height, so you can spray at night if you choose. And with spray nozzles kept at the recommended height, you get “the optimum spray pattern to disperse chemicals evenly and reduce drift,” says a Norac brochure.

UC5 works with the sprayers’ hydraulic boom controls to adjust boom height and angle based on the sensor signals. The UC5 also has Roll Control capabilities for most sprayer models, allowing for increased boom stability.

UC5 kits are available for most newer model sprayers.

UC5 uses Ag Leader’s Insight display as its user-interface. Using a CAN-system design there is only a single cable connection needed between Ag Leader and NORAC products.

For more information, call Norac in Saskatoon at 1-800-667-3921 or visit the website at www.norac.ca.



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