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Three Ways To File Your Paperwork

The process to sign a Clearfield commitment form is fairly easy and simple. Often these little details slip your mind as you get busy making more concrete decisions, such as crop planing prior to heading into the field. Once seeding begins lots of these small administrative tasks take the back seat until a rainy day. There are three options for you to sign your BASF Clearfield commitment form:

1) If you are purchasing certified seed you can now sign a commitment form with your seed seller at the same time you are picking up the seed. This is new for 2011.

2) You can go to a select retail location to sign your commitment form. This is unchanged from previous years.

3) If you are seeding farm-saved seed you can either go to your select retail location or you can complete a form on the secure grower website at You will need your unique username and password.



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