The Lucky 13 In Cereal Varieties

Western Canadian farmers have 13 new wheat, barley, oats and triticale varieties to consider for their cropping plans for 2011.

Seed distribution companies report there are three new Hard Red Spring wheats, two general purpose wheats, two new durum varieties; a two-and a six-row feed barley, and a two-and a six-row malt barley, along with one new feed oat and one new winter triticale variety available this fall.

These aren’t varieties that just received registration this year. These are varieties that may have been registered for a couple years or more and are available for commercial farmers in 2011.


5603HR CWRS Viterra

Key features:One of the highest- yielding CWRS in Viterra’s 07 thru 09 Wheat Performance Checks. Standability similar to Barrie, maturity one day later. 5603HR has a great disease package with an intermediate to moderate resistance for fusarium head blight reaction with reduced DON (deoxynivalenol) levels, and good resistance to stem and leaf rust and general leaf spotting diseases.

AC Fieldstar VB CWRS SeCan

Key features:A midge-tolerant wheat variety that offers top yield, medium maturity and good disease resistance along with “Fair” fusarium head blight resistance. AC Fieldstar VB is sold as a varietal blend containing 90 per cent AC Fieldstar and 10 per cent AC Waskada. AC Waskada acts as a refuge for the wheat midge that will prolong the life of the midge tolerance gene.

AC Stettler CWRS SeCan

Key features:AC Stettler is a replacement for Superb on the western

Harvesting a new wheat variety near Starbuck, Manitoba.

Prairies due to three per cent higher grain yield, one per cent higher grain protein with reduced straw height and excellent lodging resistance.

AC Minnedosa

Canadian Western General Purpose SeCan

Key features:AC Minnedosa is a disease-resistant general purpose wheat suited for production on the eastern Prairies. The grain is well suited for feed or ethanol production. It is an awned wheat with white kernels and is noted for excellent leaf rust resistance and early maturity.

AC Broadview

Canadian Western General Purpose (winter) CANTERRA SEEDS

Key features:Suited to all winter wheat-growing regions, this variety yielded similarly to CDC Falcon and also has similar maturity and winter survival. It is taller than CDC Falcon with good lodging resistance. AC Broadview has a comparable test weight to CDC Falcon and a slightly higher protein yield. It is rated resistant (R) to leaf rust and stem rust and susceptible (S) to common bunt.

Brigade CWAD Viterra

Key features:Brigade is the highest-yielding durum variety in Viterra’s Durum Performance Checks at 103 per cent of Strongfield. Brigade offers improved agronomic performance and reduced cadmium levels while maintaining the strong gluten and high pigment that end-users look for. Brigade has a resistant rating for stem and leaf rust, similar leaf spotting to Strongfield, and is intermediate to moderately resistant for fusarium head blight reaction.

AC Eurostar CWAD SeCan

Key features:AC Eurostar is an extra-strong gluten durum variety with low cadmium content, high grain pigment and high test weight and high grain protein content. It also has superior fusarium head blight resistance than other durum varieties. AC Eurostar will be grown under an identity-preserved contracting program through the Canadian Wheat Board and participating grain companies.



Two-row feed Mastin Seeds

Key features:Busby is a high-yielding two-row feed barley with large kernels, high bushel weight and excellent disease resistance. It also has a high forage yield.


Two-row malting CANTERRA SEEDS

Key features:Suited to all barley-growing zones, Bentley yielded 109 per cent of AC Metcalfe in Manitoba, 114 per cent in Saskatchewan and 105 per cent in Alberta. It matures 0.5 days later than AC Metcalfe and has better lodging resistance. Bentley has good malting quality with low per cent protein and high extract, plump and kernel weight. It is rated resistant (R) to surface-borne smuts, the spot form of net blotch, and spot blotch, moderately susceptible (MS) to the net form of net blotch and susceptible (S) to scald.


Six-row feed SeCan

Key features:Chigwell is a strong strawed, conventional height six-row feed barley. It has plump kernels and high test weight but is noted for very good lodging resistance. Chigwell is well adapted to western Canadian conditions and combines both high grain and forage yield similar to Vivar with stronger straw than Vivar.


Six-row malting CANTERRA SEEDS

Key features:Best suited to the eastern black and brown soil zones, Celebration yielded 100 per cent of Legacy. It is slightly shorter than Legacy and matures 1.6 days earlier. The malting profile is consistent with Anheuser-Busch-InBev brewing requirements. The overall malting profile is equivalent to or superior to Legacy and Tradition, with well-balanced modification and consistently high levels of malt extract. Celebration is rated resistant (R) to the three races of loose smut, moderately resistant (MR) to covered smut, moderately resistant to moderately susceptible (MR/MS) to spot blotch, intermediate (I) to moderately susceptible (MS) to stem rust in the field and MR/MS to race MCC at the seedling stage, MS to common root rot and susceptible (S) to net blotch, scald, and septoria.


CDC S0-1 Feed oat

T &L Seeds

Key features:A high-quality feed oat, tan in colour, well suited to produce higher gains on backgrounding and feeder cattle than barley. It is a high-energy variety, with low-acid detergent fibre for improved digestibility. It is shorter and stronger strawed than CDC Dancer, with similar yield and performance of Derby oats.




Friendly Acres Seed Farm Key features:Early stem elongation. Good winter hardiness. Good lodging resistance. Short awnlettes. High silage yields and spreads out work load due to being a winter cereal.

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Seed company contacts

Here is the contact information for seed companies with new cereal varieties for 2011. Call them or visit their websites to get more information on varieties or to find a retailer nearest you.

Canterra Seeds 1-866-744-4321

SeCan 1-800-764-5487

Syngenta Seeds Canada 1-800-756-7333

Mastin Seeds Sundre, Alta. 1-403-556-2609

Alliance Seed Corporation

T &L Seeds North Battleford, Sask. Tim: 1 306-445-2939 Les: 1-306-744-2618

Friendly Acres Seed Farm Saltcoats, Sask. 1-306-744-2779, or 774-2332

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