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The 2017 crop input rebate roundup

Different input companies offer widely different rebate programs. Use the one that suits your needs

Bags Of Money On A Farm Field

Some of the companies Grainews contacted for our annual “rebate roundup” feature say they don’t offer rebates — they prefer to stick to simple prices. Other farm input suppliers have plans so elaborate you’ll need a calculator to figure out how much cash you’re getting back. Whether you prefer simple up-front pricing or that “just in time Christmas” rebate cheque, you can read about all your options here.


Adama Canada doesn’t offer rebates. Adama told us that, rather than farmers having to wait for a cash back reward program, its promise is to work with farmers to create the best return on investment, with buyers knowing their costs upfront.

Arysta LifeScience

Arysta LifeScience is offering its cash-back Grower Rewards Program again this season. It applies to herbicide, fungicide, or seed treatment products.

You’re eligible when you buy Everest 2.0 herbicide, Everest GBX herbicide, Inferno Duo herbicide, Evito fungicide and/or Rancona Pinnacle seed treatment from February 1, 2017, to August 15, 2017.

You’ll earn a base reward of $1 per acre for purchases of Everest 2.0 and Everest GBX, and $0.50 per acre for Inferno Duo, Evito and Rancona Pinncle.

Additionally, if you buy two products for matching acres you’ll earn $1 more per acre; three products earn you $2 per acre. Matching acres reach a maximum of the largest product purchase; the minimum volume purchase to qualify for each product is 160 acres.

To enroll or use the online reward calculator visit


BASF’s AgSolutions 2017 program is very similar to past years. To qualify, you must purchase at least two qualifying products to treat 160 acres each, and in total, enough product to treat at least 600 acres.

Once you qualify, your rebate will range from one to six per cent of qualifying products — the rebate increases when you purchase more qualifying products or more product acres. To reach the maximum rebate, you would need to buy enough of five or more different qualifying products to treat 14,000 acres.

BASF also has a canola solutions offer — up to $4 per acres of savings if you purchase matching acres of Heat LQ (Heat) and select canola fungicides.

The product purchase period is October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017. Find the online calculator at

Bayer CropScience

Bayer’s updated BayerValue program includes all of Bayer’s complete lineup of crop protection solutions and is based on total Bayer products purchased between October 1, 2016 and September 30, 2017.

If you purchase a minimum of 30 bags of InVigor hybrid canola seed you’ll automatically qualify for savings on BayerValue products through the InVigor Purchase Bonus. This bonus allows you to save in the cereals and pulses segments, plus an additional 10 per cent on Pardner and Proline.

You can also qualify for BayerValue by purchasing a minimum 300 acres of product in either one (or more) cereals and pulses segments.

Segment 1, the SeedGrowth segment, includes cereal and pulse seed treatments. Save up to 25 per cent on Raxil and Stress Shield, and up to 15 per cent on Trilex EverGol and EverGol Energy. You must combine Stress Shield with Raxil PRO or Trilex EverGol to receive a rebate; there is no rebate on EverGol Energy if you match it with Stress Shield.

Segment 2 includes cereal herbicides. Save up to 20 per cent on Luxxur, Infinity FX, Velocity and Varro, with the new InVigor Innovation Bonus, which saves you an extra five per cent when you purchase a minimum of 30 bags of InVigor Pod Shatter Reduction hybrids. If you buy Tundra or Infinity you’ll save up to 15 per cent.

Segment 3 offers up to 15 per cent off cereal and pulse fungicides such as Prosaro, Delaro, Propulse and Folicur EW.

If you spend $250,000 or more, you’re eligible for the Quarter Million Dollar Bonus which will save you an additional one per cent on products eligible for a rebate in the BayerValue Program.

Finally, there is the Incredible Bayer Offer. If you book before March 17, 2017, you’ll save up to $2 per acre by booking a minimum of 500 acres of all-in-one product like Velocity m3 and Tundra or $1 per acre on other eligible cereal herbicides by booking a minimum of 1,000 acres.

If you were registered in 2016, you will automatically be re-enrolled. If you were not registered last year, sign up by visiting, contacting the Bayer Rebate Fulfilment Centre at 1-888-283-6847, talking to your local retail or contacting your Bayer rep. Bayer will launch its new rebate calculator in March 2017.


DEKALB is offering DEKALB Bonus Rebates to western Canadian canola growers. If you booked a minimum of 32 bags of canola before November 15, 2016, you’ll $3.75/acre. If you book after November 15 you’ll receive a rebate of $3/acre. In addition, you can receive an additional $1/acre rebate on DEKALB corn and/or soybeans.

If you buy DEKALB soybeans in Western Canada you’ll also earn a DEKALB Bonus Rebate. With a purchase of a minimum of 300 units of soybeans you’ll receive $3/acre. This rebate can still be paid if you buy 32 bags of DEKALB canola seed and qualify for other offers.

Find the rebate calculator at or call 1-84-GO-DEKALB.

Dow AgroSciences

Dow AgroSciences has redesigned its Diamond Rewards Program. If you buy $5,000 of eligible Dow AgroSciences products before November 30, 2017 you’ll save up to $5.15/acre by combining rewards.

Tank Mix Reward: Purchase a Dow AgroSciences grass and broadleaf tank mix, including Rexade or Tandem, and receive a $2/acre rebate on all tank mix acres.

Early Book Reward, save up to $1.65/acre: Book by March 15, 2017, and earn a bonus of $1/acre on cereal in-crop tank mix acres and $0.65/acre on PrePass XC. Or earn $1/acre on cereal in-crop tank mix acres and $0.50/acre on Paradigm, PrePass Flex and Korrex II, and tank mix with VP480 to earn a $0.15/per acre bonus.

Cereal Acre Reward: Get 1.5 per cent of MSRP on all cereal pre-seed and in-crop herbicide purchases.

Nexera Canola Reward: Grow Nexera canola or Dow Seeds corn or soybeans and earn a bonus of $1/acre bonus on cereal in-crop tank mix, including Tandem and Rexade, a 1.5 per cent reward on seed purchases, equivalent to $8.67 to $12.66 per 22.7 kg bag of Nexera canola; savings of $2/acre on all acres of Salute and Eclipse.

This program runs from December 1, 2016, to November 30, 2017. For more information, visit


The FarmCare Connect Grower Program is a joint offering from DuPont Crop Protection and DuPont Pioneer. The program offers rebates if you buy DuPont Crop Protection and Pioneer brand seed products.

You’ll be automatically enrolled if you purchase a minimum of $15,000 worth of Pioneer brand or D-Series seed and/or DuPont Crop Protection products between September 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017.

Eligible products are categorized into segments: (1) Cereal broadleaf herbicides as the qualifying segment; (2) non-crop herbicides and (3) Assure II and/or Lumiderm as the bonus segments. You must purchase a minimum of 300 acres from the DuPont cereal broadleaf segment to start building rebates. Adding purchases from the two bonus segments increases rebates. The rebate is applied to eligible products and is paid on matching acres from the bonus segments to the cereal broadleaf segment. Finally, you can increase your rebate buy buying Acapela fungicide.

If you max out the program, you’ll see a rebate of up to $5.50/acre. A full list of eligible products is available at You can also contact your local DuPont or Pioneer Hi-Bred sales representative or call the DuPont FarmCare Support Centre at 1-800-667-3925.

There is also a DuPont Acapela Grower Program. Buy a minimum of 320 acres of DuPont Barricade II, Predicade, Travallas herbicides and/or any in-crop PrecisionPac blend and receive $0.50 per acre rebate on matching Acapela fungicide acres, booked between January 1, 2017 and February 28, 2017. For more information contact your local sales representatives, visit, or call the DuPont FarmCare Support Centre at 1-800-667-3925.


Gowan Canada does not offer any growers programs. Instead, they told us they keep things simple so crop input retails can help you make the proper decisions for their farm with Avadex, Edge, Eptam, Fortress, Gavel, Permit, Treflan, and Yuma across Western Canada.


You can qualify for Real Farm Rewards by purchasing a minimum of 32 bags of qualifying brands of Genuity Roundup Ready canola between September 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017.

Monsanto and Nufarm Canada have partnered together to offer sustainable tank mix offers as part of the program. Register at, through a retail location, seed rep or Nufarm rep or by calling Monsanto Technical Support 1-800-667-4944

If you buy a minimum of 32 bags of qualifying brand of Genuity Roundup Ready Canola you’ll earn rewards on qualifying products: $2 to $2.75/acre on seed (canola, soybeans, or corn); $0.50/acre on the following Monsanto BioAg products: TagTeam pea/lentil peat, TagTeam pea liquid, TagTeam soybean peat, TagTeam soybean granule, TagTeam LCO pea/lentil granule, Optimize ST soybean liquid, Cell-Tech soybean peat, Cell-Tech soybean granule, Cell-Tech soybean liquid; earn $0.10 to $0.75/acre on crop production products (Roundup Transorb HC, Roundup WeatherMAX and Roundup Xtend); earn $1 to $2/acre on tank-mix partner products (Conquer, Blackhawk, Goldwing, Valtera).

Find the details and the calculator at


Syngenta’s Partner Program is still in effect for 2017. To qualify you must purchase a minimum $22,000 of eligible Syngenta products (at suggested retail price).

New products added to the Partner Program for 2017 include Trivapro, Vibrance Maxx with INTEGO, the new Vibrance Maxx premix, canola variety SY4187, and Visivio seed treatment for canola.

Increase your rebate by matching acres of many Syngenta Seedcare, herbicides and/or fungicides in two-way and three-way matches for $2/acre and $4.50/acre savings respectively.

Then, you can match these matches with canola seed and/or soybean seed acres for savings between $2 and $4/acre on the seed.

A total purchase value of $22,000 in Syngenta products earns you a three per cent rebate; this increases incrementally. Earn up to six per cent savings if you spend $320,000 or more on most crop protection products.

Syngenta cereal seed and canola Seedcare products are not eligible for savings, but purchases of these products are used as builders to increase your rebate percentage rate.

For 2017, growers you also qualify for Preferred Status for an additional 0.5 per cent savings. Growers with Preferred Status may also qualify for the Partner Program with a minimum of $16,000 in purchases.

If you were enrolled last year you’ll be automatically registered for 2017. Confirm registration by calling the Syngenta Customer Interaction Centre at 1-87-SYNGENTA (1-877-964-3682).

UAP (United Agri Products)

UAP told us it keeps things simple with up-front net pricing — no hassles, no forms or having to wait to receive your own money back as a rebate.

UPI Canada

UPI Canada’s 2017 FarmAdvantage program was not yet finalized when we put this list together.

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