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Tech advice without the 1-800 hurdle

Partners with Tech Direct Solution make staff easily accessible

If calling a 1-800 number for technical support from crop input or service providers has proven time consuming and even frustrating, a new service launched this spring is helping farmers to connect directly with people they need to talk to — and it’s free.

The service is called Tech Direct Solution and was launched in April by another relatively new information service provider AGvisorPRO. To access Tech Direct Solution, download the free AGvisorPRO app, enter the company or product name you’re interested in and if it’s a Tech Direct Solution partner, up pops the name and number of the person you need to talk to.

“It’s simple and it’s direct,” says Rob Saik, co-founder and CEO of AGvisorPRO. “Instead of going to the web or trying to find a 1-800 number, then explaining your problem to the operator, with Tech Direct you simply enter the company or product name and you are able to connect for free to the company technical reps. This is a natural evolution in enhancing customer service in the agricultural sector.”

So far, the Tech Direct service has enlisted at least a dozen western Canadian ag input and service providers through the AGvisorPRO platform, making the staff of those companies available for direct contact with farmers.

Tech Direct is a great way to connect with customers, says Rich Pattison, president of Pattison Liquid Systems, who is head of one of the companies partnering with AGvisorPRO.

“We need to find new ways to connect with our customers and to provide remote support in an efficient manner,” he says. “We believe AGvisorPRO Tech Direct will be part of the solution. Folks looking for information on our products or service can just enter Pattison or products like Connect Sprayer and AGvisorPRO will create a free support session between the user and our technical people. This is a true evolution in customer service.”

AGvisorPRO, co-developed by Saik and Patrick Walther, was launched last year as an online platform helping farmers connect directly with a wide range of local, regional and national crop and livestock technical experts and consultants. These specialists range from agronomy researchers and consultants to livestock nutritionists and veterinarians.

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