SmartSteer From Raven

Raven SmartSteer automatic steering system has a direct mechanical connection to your steering wheel to eliminate slippage. You clamp a gear drive to the steering column, and Smart Steer clamps on to the gear. You can buy gear kits separately, so you can equip more than one tractor and move SmartSteer quickly from tractor to tractor.

“SmartSteer is even kind to your ears. It is one of the quietest assisted steering products on the market,” the company says.

You can pair SmartSteer with Raven’s Cruizer, Envizio Pro or Viper Pro for a quick-to-install steering system. Optional vehicle transfer kits make it easy to move SmartSteer from cab to cab.

SmartSteer works at speeds up to 27 mph. You can disengage it instantly.

For more information, call Raven Industries in Sioux Falls, South Dakota at 800-243-5435 or visit the website at

Raven also introduces AccuRow and SmartRow automatic planter section control systems. The GPS-guided systems automatically shut off planter row units as they pass over already planted parts of the field, then turn on again when back to unplanted ground. You can control up to 16 sections with AccuRow and eight sections with SmartRow. The system is compatible with most planters with air clutches and factory-installed electric clutches.



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