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Seven Steps To Avoid Resistance

1. Seed varieties with good disease resistance ratings and ensure minimal disease occurrence on farm-saved seed

2. Good crop rotations reduce the level of disease pressure (one in two is not a crop rotation)

3. Only spray when necessary. The less often fungicides are applied, the longer it will take for resistance to occur

4. Rotate fungicide groups. Be aware of what group the product you are using falls into. Many products can fall into the same group (see table), and so using another product from the same group doesn’t count as rotating.

5. Use products with multiple groups.

6. Don’t overuse the same group in one season. It’s easy to trip up and do multiple applications of the same active with lentils and chickpeas, but don’t forget about cereals. If you’re applying at herbicide timing and heading, be sure to change actives.

7. Scout early and often. Be prepared to spray early to limit the development and spread of the disease and keep the levels manageable.



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