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Ag in Motion: Seeing results where they count

Now in its third year, Ag in Motion is Western Canada’s only major outdoor farm show, where you can see, hear and feel the latest in ag technology. It will be held July 18-20 at Langham,
just 15 minutes northwest of Saskatoon. For more information or the full program, visit

At Ag in Motion, seed, crop protection and fertilizer companies, as well as grower associations and industry members will showcase field crop products as they should be seen — in the ground.

Ag in Motion, running July 18-20 at Langham, Sask., northwest of Saskatoon, is home to over 100 acres of crop plots from over 25 companies and organizations, with both numbers growing every year. This number is the highest of any outdoor show in Western Canada.

“Not only is this a great way to see a large number of companies in one place, it also provides an excellent opportunity for demonstrations to take place from individual companies and organizations. It’s the best place for conversations and education to take place,” says Dan Kuchma with Ag in Motion. “We give farmers the chance to see for themselves the different options available to them, and the tools to make the most informed decisions.”

New for 2017 are expanded plots for a number of companies, including an enormous 500×170-foot plot from Crop Production Services, as well as the addition of eight companies and associations to the lineup. Saskatchewan Pulse Growers is among the expanded exhibitors this year, and has added large-scale pulse crop plot demonstrations for attendees to learn about growing pulses in addition to the main site where varieties will be showcased.

The pulse demo area will feature weed control in peas, lentils, and soybeans, showcasing herbicide layering options for increased weed control and a demonstration on pulse fertility, which will examine the nutrient requirements for pulses.

“Weed control is the No. 1 concern with pulse growers and we wanted to showcase the options that are available to them,” says Sherrilyn Phelps, agronomy manager, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers. “The fertility project is more of an educational demonstration to show growers that nutrients are still important for growing pulses and management of phosphorus is something that we should be paying more attention to.

Phelps adds, “Our demos will help attendees gain a better understanding of how to manage weeds and resistance using an integrated approach combining agronomics and herbicides, and will help them implement what they learn on their own farm. Understanding nutrient requirements for pulses is important for optimizing yields and maximizing returns. A healthy crop can better fight off disease and withstand stress, and a balanced approach to nutrient management will help ensure sustainability of a rotation.”

Ag in Motion welcomes FP Genetics, Yara, Farmers of North America, Thunder Seeds, Sask Canola, Taurus Ag, Northern Quinoa Production Corp. and Gowan, all featuring crop plots for the first time at the show in 2017.

Returning companies include Alliance Seed, ATP Nutrition, BASF, Bayer CropScience, BrettYoung, Canterra Seeds, Cargill, Compass Minerals, Crop Production Services, DeKalb, Dow AgroSciences, Engage Agro, ESN Smart Nitrogen, Monsanto Canada Inc., Rack Petroleum, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, SeCan, Stroller Enterprises and Union Forage.



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