Options For Pre-Seed Burndown

Several new or newer herbicides on The Western Front are designed to provide effective pre-seeding burndown control of a wide range of weeds for 2009.

Along with Monsanto’s tried and true glyphosate products that include WeatherMAX and Transorb HC, other crop protection companies are featuring products that either have a glyphosate-base or can be tank-mixed with glyphosate. Many farmers often look for a chemical combination that “turns up the heat” on straight glyphosate to control some of the more stubborn weeds.

Although most chemical manufacturers don’t like to use the word “residual,” some of the new pre-seed products feature extended weed control. They zap existing weeds on contact and remains active in the soil for 10 to 15 days or longer to catch subsequent weed flushes.

Here are some of the new and newer products, listed in alphabetical order by company name:


Farmers should check with their chemical company representatives about a new pre-seeding herbicide, PrePare from Arysta, which is currently in the registration process.

With the active ingredient flucarbazone added to glyphosate, PrePare will be both a group 2 and group 9 product for use on wheat only. It will provide extended weed control of both grassy and broadleaf weeds. This includes season-long control of foxtail barley. Farmers will need to check fields during the season to see if any other in-crop treatment is needed for other weeds.

PrePare will control both volunteer Roundup Ready and Liberty Link canola.


The long-standing Banvel II group-4 herbicide can be tank mixed with glyphosate to provide effective pre-seeding weed control, says Christ Vander Kant, BASF brand manager for western herbicides.

The herbicide combination provides effective control of a wide range of weeds including cow cockle, downy brome, flixweed, wild oats, kochia, stinkweed and volunteer canola, to name a few. And it will suppress cleavers and foxtail barley.

Most cereal crops and field corn can be grown safely after the pre-seeding treatment.

BASF hopes to be out with a new pre-seeding burnoff product in 2010.





Dow AgroSciences has two products that fit the pre-seeding weed control window. PrePass is a combination of forasulam (group 2) and glyphosate (group 9) that can be applied pre-seeding in cereals with a guaranteed 90 per cent control of weeds up to two weeks after date of application, says Brian DeKock, Dow AgroSciences communications manager.

PrePass provides effective control of wild buckwheat, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, stinkweed, dandelion, shepherd’s purse, cleavers, all volunteer canolas except Clearfield varieties, and 21 other grass and broadleaf weeds.

Vantage Plus Max, the other pre-seeding product, is the Dow version of Monsanto’s Roundup WeatherMAX. It can be used ahead of all crops and has no extended weed control feature.



Three products in the Express family can be tank-mixed with glyphosate as pre-seeding products, says Jon Gough, cereal products manager for DuPont.

Express SG, a group-2 herbicide, is the most commonly used product to be tank mixed with glyphosate. It can heat up glyphosate to improve control of broadleaf weeds such as dandelion, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, flixweed and stinkweed. It comes in the Solumax soluble granular formulation.

Express Pro, which has just received registration, has the added group 2 active ingredient metsulfuron, which provides two weeks of extended weed control to catch second flushes. Express Pro is another Solumax formulated herbicide. Along with the problem weeds controlled by Express SG, it has improved effectiveness on dandelion.

Express LW is the older dry flowable formulation designed to be used by applicators using low water rates.




45 AND

Nufarm has two pre-seeding burn off products. Credit 45 is the company’s standard glyphosate herbicide, which was introduced several years ago.

The newer product CleanStart is a combination of carfentrazone and glyphosate.

“A unique feature of Clean-Start is that it can be used in front of any pulse or other special crop without concern of crop injury,” says Grant Deveson, Nufarm commercial manager. “It has no residual or extended weed control effect.” CleanStart is effective on a wide range of weeds including the often-problematic narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, cleavers, flixweed, shepherd’s purse and spring-germinating dandelions. It also controls Roundup Ready canola volunteers.

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