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Next For Nexera: Hybrids

Mark Woloshyn, marketing specialist with Dow AgroSciences, is excited about what January 2011 may bring for Nexera canola growers. “The seed has already been produced. We just need registration and the seed will be there for 2011,” he says.

Woloshyn is referring to Dow’s move to hybrid, high omega-9 specialty Nexera canola varieties. Dow has two hybrid varieties, both with the Clearfield trait, up for registration in January. While the exact specs on the varieties is still under wraps, Woloshyn will say that they are performing “as we expected. They are outperforming our open-pollinated lines.”

If farmers could critique past Nexera lines, they’d point to days to maturity and lack of hybrids. These new lines seek to address both of these concerns. That said, Woloshyn says the existing and new open-pollinated lines are also an improvement over past varieties in terms of yield and maturity. “These new hybrid lines will be well suited to the mid to long-season zones,” he says.

These two new hybrid lines for 2011 mark the beginning of the end for the open-pollinated Nexeras, however you haven’t seen the last of them entirely. Years of work with open-pollinated lines means there are still some new varieties working their way through the pipeline. “There may be another open-pollinated variety in 2012, but this is the beginning of phasing them out,” Woloshyn says. Dow also has plans to release a Roundup Ready hybrid Nexera for 2012.


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