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New online calculators available from the Canola Council of Canada

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Just in time for spring seeding, the Canola Council of Canada has released new seeding rate and plant stand calculators.

The Canola Council’s press release says,“growers often default to seeding rates of five lbs./ac. or lower, regardless of seed size or field conditions.” Using these new tools will make it easier for farmers to make a “more refined” decision in the crunch time of seeding.

The “target density calculator” takes into account your risks, like weed competition, spring frost and expected insect damage. While the Canola Council has been recommending a density of seven to 10 plants per square foot, there may be situations where lower plant densities will still meet target yield goals. (However, the calculator will not recommend a target lower than six plants per square foot.)

Once you know your target density, the “seeding rate calculator” computes your required seeding rate based on your expected rate of seed survival and the thousand kernel weight of the seed in your shed.

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