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New cereal varieties hitting the market for 2020

Canterra, FP Genetics, Proven Seed and SeCan are bringing new options to the market

New cereal varieties hitting the market for 2020

If you’re looking for CPSR, CWRS, durum or even barley, these four companies are bringing a handful of new varieties to the market for 2020.

Wheat and durum breeders have been working hard to come up with better fusarium resistance. Canterra has developed a new two-row malt barley variety, and Proven Seed has two new feed barley varieties. SeCan’s new AAC Alida VB is both midge tolerant and rated MR to fusarium, with a shorter plant height.

This list includes only those varieties that are brand new for 2020. There may be other recent releases that meet your needs.

Alliance Seed*

CWRD: SY TORACH offers increased yield while providing a protein boost over the most commonly grown CWRS varieties. SY Torach maintains the short, strong standing semi-dwarf characteristics, and improves disease resistance with a strong MR for FHB. This variety has the highest protein in the CWRS class, excellent yield with short plant height for ease and speed of harvest.

Barley: AB CATTELAC is a semi-smooth awned barley that was ranked No. 1 for forage yield in two years of coop testing. Coupled with good lodging resistance, great grain yield and excellent disease resistance, semi-smooth awned six-row barley has a high cow-carrying capacity and Improved lodging over AC Ranger.


CPSR: CS Accelerate is an awned, semi-dwarf, high-yielding CPSR wheat with excellent milling quality and disease resistance package. This variety has shown yield consistency, out-yielding all the check varieties including AAC Penhold. Its short stature and strong straw makes it a good option for any cropping system, wet or dry. Its disease resistance and improved FHB resistance allows it to be adapted in areas not traditionally suitable for CPS wheat. CS Accelerate has the potential to become the first CPS wheat in the Warburtons program.

CPSR: AAC Crossfield is an awned, high-yielding, semi-dwarf CPSR wheat variety. This variety is an excellent option for both dry and irrigated areas, as well as areas with intense management practices. This is due to its strong straw and excellent standability. AAC Crossfield has a very good resistance package, including R rating resistance to stem, leaf and stripe rusts.

CWRS: CS Jake is an awned, early-maturing CWRS wheat developed for the Parkland growing zone. In addition to its very early maturity, it brings a good rust resistance package, notably the R rating to stripe and stem rust. Evaluation trials have shown a significant improvement in protein content — higher than check varieties (Glenn included), while maintaining consistently good yield performance. CS Jake may present a unique combination of very early maturity and very high protein content not previously seen.

CWRS: CS Tracker is an awnless, early-maturing CWRS wheat developed for the short growing season of Parkland. This variety has an excellent disease resistance package and quality attributes. Due to its good disease resistance, especially to FHB, CS Tracker is broadly adapted. CS Tracker presented good, consistent yields during the three years in evaluation trials.

CWAD: CDC Credence is a high-yielding durum that has the best FHB resistance in its class, as well as lower DON accumulation compared to check varieties. This makes CDC Credence a very good tool for farmers battling FHB. It has high yielding potential, showing similar or better performance than current varieties (106 per cent of Strongfield). In addition to its strong straw and early maturity (one day less than Brigade), CDC Credence has excellent quality attributes and very high pigment concentration.

Barley: AAC Connect is a two-row malting barley, approved by the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre (CMBTC). AAC Connect offers the best FHB resistance in its class and superior yield and standability compared to current barley malting varieties. It has the highest enzymatic activity among the new varieties on the CMBTC recommended list. AAC Connect can be used in any malting or brewing outfit, from craft to adjunct, due to its excellent features such as low wort viscosity and low beta-glucan content. This variety has very good FHB disease resistance (MR rating), and low DON content (35 per cent lower than AC Metcalfe). It has been accepted by most maltsters and contracts will be available from some.

FP Genetics

CWAD: AAC Succeed VB is a top choice for new and innovative genetics in the durum market. This midge-tolerant durum boasts a strong disease package and AAC Succeed VB is among the highest in the class for protein.

CDC: Arborg is a very high-yielding white milling oat that stands extremely well. CDC Arborg has excellent market opportunities, with good groat percentage, low thins and high beta-glucan, which has had major millers anxiously awaiting its commercial release.

Proven Seed, Nutrien Ag Solutions

CPSR: AAC Entice boasts the highest-ranking rust resistance of the top CPSR varieties, along with elevated yields and an overall strong disease package. It is a shorter-stature variety.

CWAD: CDC Dynamic is a durum wheat variety that boasts high yield and test weight, strong straw and excellent protein.

Barley: Claymore is the highest yielding feed and silage barley on the market. With its superior straw strength and heavy test weights, this is sure to be a clear winner in your fields.

Barley: Oreana is a short and heavy stature feed barley, well suited for high-input operations and manured soils.


CWRS: AAC Alida VB is a medium-maturing CWRS wheat with a full package of built-in protection tools. Its yield is 106 per cent of AC Carberry and one day earlier, with higher protein. AAC Alida VB has great sprouting tolerance and is expected to have good grade retention. The variety has a strong disease package, including R to leaf and stem rust, MR to stripe rust, and a strong MR to FHB with very low DON accumulation. In addition, AAC Alida VB is tolerant to wheat midge.

CWRS: AAC Warman VB is a midge tolerant CWRS with a strong MR rating to FHB. AAC Warman VB is a traditional-height wheat with fair lodging resistance and matures two days earlier than AC Carberry. The variety is R to leaf and stem rust, MS to stripe rust. It is well-suited to high-fusarium-pressure areas where farmers value the extra straw (on average, 12 cm higher than AC Carberry).

CWRS: Parata is a very early-maturing CWRS. It is well suited to shorter growing zones or as a complement to later-maturing CWRS (allowing a portion of the crop to be harvested first). It matures four days earlier than AC Carberry, yields 102 per cent of AC Carberry, with slightly taller straw. It is rated MR to leaf and stripe rust, R to stem rust, and I to FHB. Parata is viewed as a replacement for AAC Redwater.

*Editor’s note: Alliance Seed was initially left off this list. We apologize for the error.

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