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New cereal seed varieties for 2019

There are 19 new cereal varieties on the market for western Canadian growers this year

New cereal seed varieties for 2019

With 19 new varieties to choose from, western Canadian growers will be spoiled for choice in 2019. There are new corn hybrids, new wheat varieties in several categories, new two-row malt barley varieties, and even a new variety of spelt.


CPSR Canadian Prairie Spring Red

CANTERRA SEEDS: AAC Crossfield is a new semi-dwarf CPSR wheat variety that combines early maturity with the benefits of short, strong straw. It is suitable for high-input farm management, as well as irrigation. In addition to its superior disease resistance package to rusts (R to stripe, stem and leaf rust) and good FHB resistance, AAC Crossfield has excellent milling and baking quality compared to other varieties in its class. This variety results from a historic public, private, producer partnership (4-P) with the Alberta Wheat Commission and CANTERRA SEEDS.

SeCan: AAC Goodwin is a high protein CPSR. AAC Goodwin averages approximately one per cent higher protein than AAC Penhold. AAC Goodwin is four inches taller than AAC Penhold and outyields AAC Penhold by six per cent.

CWRS: Canada Western Red Spring

FP Genetics: CDC Adamant VB is the first CWRS wheat that provides comprehensive resistance to both wheat stem sawfly and orange blossom wheat midge. It’s a significant step up in yield from its predecessor AC Lillian, with the same early maturity.

Nutrien: CDC Hughes VB is a CWRS wheat from Proven Seed that is high yielding with short straw and excellent lodging resistance. With wheat midge and stripe rust resistance, CDC Hughes offers a solution to a number of Western Canada pests. Available exclusively at Nutrien Ag Solutions.

SeCan: AAC Tisdale is a high protein CWRS. AAC Tisdale has similar yield potential to AAC Brandon with one per cent higher protein. The plant height is three inches taller than AAC Brandon and has an MR rating to FHB, and an R rating to both stem and leaf rust.

Syngenta: SY Obsidian is a strong standing, medium maturity CWRS wheat with good tolerance to FHB and all rusts. It offers good yield (approximately five per cent more than Carberry) and high protein levels with an excellent milling and baking profile.

CWRW: Canada Western Red Winter

FP Genetics: AAC Goldrush is a next generation, high yielding CWRW with excellent winter hardiness. It comes with good standability and strong rust resistance.

CWSWS: Canada Western Soft White Wheat

SeCan: AAC Paramount VB (varietal blend) is a midge tolerant soft white wheat with the refuge variety as AC Andrew. It has improved milling characteristics over AC Andrew with five per cent more grain yield.

Wheat: Special Purpose

SeCan: AAC Awesome VB (varietal blend) is one of the highest yielding wheat varieties ever registered. It is classed as Special Purpose, with a soft white kernel type. The low protein/high starch make it well suited to ethanol production. AAC Awesome VB is midge tolerant, and yields nine per cent higher than AC Andrew.

Durum wheat

CWAD: Canadian Western Amber Durum

CANTERRA: CDC Credence is a new durum variety with improved yield over the current durum varieties and MS resistance to FHB. This level of resistance allows farmers the opportunity to grow durum in areas that weren’t considered before. In addition, CDC Credence has an excellent quality profile, with high pigment concentration and semolina color retention, this combined with its resistance to stripe, leaf and stem rusts prove that this variety is an excellent option for durum growers.

Nutrien: CDC Dynamic, a CWAD wheat from Proven Seed, boasts high yield and test weight, strong straw and excellent protein. Available exclusively at Nutrien Ag Solutions.

Nutrien: CDC Carbide VB is a high yielding, early maturing and wheat midge resistant CWAD variety from Proven Seed. With R ratings for stem, leaf and stripe rust, CDC Carbide is sure to impress. Available exclusively at Nutrien Ag Solutions.

SeCan: AAC Stronghold durum has a solid stem for sawfly protection and exceptionally strong straw for reduced lodging and improved speed of harvest. Yield is 104 per cent of Strongfield. Seed growers in 2018 commented on its strong performance under the dry conditions.


Two-row malt barley

CANTERRA SEEDS: AAC Connect is a new two-row malting barley from CANTERRA SEEDS with significant yield and agronomic improvement over its competitors. In addition to its improved standability due to its shorter, stronger straw, AAC Connect has the best FHB resistance in its class. Having a similar malt quality to AC Metcalfe, AAC Connect is a great option for the maltsters and brewers in need of a product for the adjunct brewing market. AAC Connect is on the CMBTC list of approved malting varieties.

SeCan: CDC Fraser is a high-yielding two-row malt barley. CDC Fraser yields 114 per cent of AC Metcalfe with lower protein then AC Metcalfe. CDC Fraser offers the potential for malt contract opportunities with the yield potential of the top feed varieties. Ask your domestic maltsters about the potential for an identity preserved contract for 2019.

Syngenta: Sirish is a short, strong standing two-row barley with low protein and a unique quality profile well-suited to the craft brewing market. It has very good yield potential and harvestability, and great straw management for feed or malt producers.


FP Genetics: KWS Gatano is a new high yielding hybrid fall rye with markedly improved ergot resistance and a shorter hybrid structure. Put this together and you have an outstanding product for the food, feed and fuel markets.

SeedNet: KWS Propower is a new hybrid fall rye with very good winter survival. This variety is very high yielding with low disease incidence. It has silage/biomass variety with good lodging resistance.

SeedNet: CDC Evolve is an earlier maturity, high yielding variety. This variety has shorter straw and better lodging resistance.

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