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New canola varieties for the 2020 crop year

There are 27 new canola varieties hitting the market for Western Canada

New canola varieties for the 2020 crop year

When Grainews asked seed companies about their new canola offerings for 2020, they came up with a list of 24 new varieties! And, keep in mind, these are only the varieties that are brand new for 2020. You might still be investigating new offerings from 2019 and 2018 as well.

Many of these varieties include the TruFlex gene, which was developed by Monsanto and is now owned by Bayer. This gene widens the window for applying glyphosate, providing farmers with more time to get in the sprayer. It also allows for the use of higher rates of Roundup for enhanced weed control.

As clubroot spreads across the Prairies, breeders have been busy adding resistance to new varieties. Many companies are now choosing to list which resistance genes are built into their varieties.

On with the list.


InVigor L345PC offers a significant jump in yield potential over InVigor L233Pand features patented pod shatter reduction technology plus first generation clubroot resistance. This hybrid is suitable for all growing zones.

InVigor L352C, with dependable clubroot protection, offers yield potential that exceeds InVigor L252. Along with outstanding yield, it also features first generation clubroot resistance and is suitable for all growing zones. This hybrid is ideal for growers that prefer to swath or late swath.

InVigor Choice LR344PC is the first InVigor Choice hybrid. It is a, a 300 series hybrid with both the LibertyLink technology system and TruFlex canola with Roundup ReadyTechnology, providing the option to use Liberty herbicide or Roundup WeatherMAXherbicide on canola. This hybrid is suitable for all growing zones.


BY 6204TF is a clubroot-resistant TruFlex hybrid suited to all canola production zones of Western Canada. BY 6204TF has excellent resistance to Blackleg. It develops a vigorous early ground cover, delivers excellent lodging resistance and provides consistent yields across varied growing conditions.

BY 6207TF is a multigenic clubroot resistant TruFlex hybrid with industry-leading genetic resistance to clubroot pathotypes 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 3A, 5X, 2B plus other minor pathotypes. BY 6207TF develops a big, strong plant with very good resistance to blackleg in a full-season hybrid that provides superior standability and excellent yield performance.

Canterra Seeds

CS2600 CR-T is an early-season TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready technology. It has enhanced clubroot resistance and straight-cut potential. CS2600 CR-T yielded 112 per cent of 75-42CR in pre-commercial trials. It has a new and superior weed control system that provides a wider window of application and option for higher spray rates. A perfect choice for the short-season growing zones and key clubroot zones.

CS2300 is a big and exceptional Roundup Ready canola hybrid. Coming in at 105 per cent of 75-65RR, CS2300 is arguably the highest-yielding Roundup Ready canola hybrid currently on the market, with excellent early-season vigour and impressive pod length. CS2300 possesses excellent lodging resistance, solid blackleg resistance and is highly adapted for the mid- and long-season growing zones.


Victory V25-1T is the first TruFlex canola hybrid in the VICTORY portfolio. Its package also includes high yield potential (99.5 per cent of 45H33 & L233P in mid-season zone production trials), clubroot resistance and durable, polygenic blackleg resistance. It is part of Cargill’s Specialty Canola Program.

Corteva: Brevant Seeds

B3010M with the LibertyLink trait, is for canola growers who are looking for high yields, industry-leading clubroot resistance (including a new source of resistance, resistant to current pathotypes 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 and emerging pathotypes 3A, 2b and 5X) combined with the harvest flexibility of HarvestMax trait. 100 per cent of InVigor L233P in small plot trials.

B3011 with the LibertyLink trait is all about yield, standability and clubroot resistance. B3011 is a well-adapted, mid-late season, high-yielding canola hybrid with strong yield potential, excellent early growth, and a very good lodging score. It yielded 102.6 per cent of InVigor L233P in small plot trials.

1028 RR is for western Canadian canola growers who desire a high-yielding canola hybrid with an outstanding disease package, including clubroot and blackleg. 1028 RR may be suitable for delayed swathing. It yielded 104 per cent of 75-42CR and 105 per cent of CS2000.

2028 CL provides Clearfield canola growers with a high-yielding, clubroot and blackleg resistant hybrid. It has an excellent disease package and good early-season vigour. It yielded 109 per cent of CS2500CL and 105 per cent of 5545CL.

Corteva: Pioneer

P501L is a superior-yielding canola hybrid with Pioneer Protector and LibertyLink traits. It has a very good lodging score and is resistant to both clubroot and blackleg. This hybrid yielded 105 per cent of InVigor 5440 in research plots.

P502CL is a high-yielding canola hybrid with the Clearfield trait. P502CL offers very good early growth, and excellent lodging score, and it is resistant to blackleg. This hybrid yielded 103 per cnet of 46H75 in research plots.

45CM39 is a canola hybrid that contains the Pioneer Protector HarvestMax CR trait. It offers exceptional yield potential, harvest flexibility, blackleg resistance, as well as a new source of clubroot resistance, resistant to current pathotypes 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 and emerging pathotypes 3A, 2b and 5X. 45CM39 showed a 1.4 bu./ac increase (58 per cent wins) in field-scale plots.

Coming soon: Optimum GLY
Corteva has plans to launch its own glyphosate-tolerant canola system. However, this new product is going through a lengthy approval process, due in large part to a changing regulatory environment.**

High oleic oil sunflower
Corteva’s Pioneer brand is bringing out P63HE60 for 2020. This is a new, high-oleic oil ExpressSun sunflower variety with excellent yield potential and exceptional test weight scores. It also has very good root and stalk strength score with exceptional high-oleic oil profile rating.


CP20R3C is a taller Roundup Ready canola hybrid with strong vigour and mid-season maturity. It has industry-leading clubroot tolerance with resistance to pathogen types 5X, 3A, 3D, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8. It has multigenic blackleg resistance — Rlm3 and RlmX — with excellent standability, lodging tolerance and strong yield potential across all soil types.

CP19R1C is a medium-height Roundup Ready canola hybrid with good yield potential across all soil types. It has an early onset to flowering and maturity, clubroot resistance to pathogen types 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 and has a Rlm3 blacking resistance rating.


DKTF 96 SC is a new hybrid with a high yield potential and improved pod integrity that was built for straight cutting. Combined with early maturity and multi genic blackleg resistance, with two major blackleg resistance genes, LepR3 (A) and RImS(G). This TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready technology hybrid provides enhanced weed control.

DKTF 98 CR is a high-performing TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready technology hybrid that is well suited to all clubroot zones. With multi-genetic clubroot resistance providing durable protection against a broad spectrum of clubroot pathotypes including 2, 3, 4, 5, 5X, 6, 8 and moderate resistance to 2B.

DKLL 82 SC is a LibertyLink canola hybrid optimized for straight cutting with improved pod integrity. It provides excellent yield potential with early maturity. It also provides multi genic resistance to blackleg, with major resistance genes LepR3 (A), Rim3 (C), & RImS (G).

DKTFLL 21 SC combines powerful genetics with both industry-leading herbicide traits: TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready and Liberty Link technologies. It provides an excellent option for growers concerned with glyphosate-resistant kochia. A fit for those also wanting to straight cut, with its excellent pod integrity, high yield potential and early maturity.

Proven Seed

PV 780 TC is a TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready technology. Choose PV 780 TC for clubroot resistance and consistently high yields. Proven Seed is available from Nutrien Ag Solutions.

PV 760 TM is a TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready technology. Go with PV 760 TM if you need the option to straight cut your canola.

PV 761 TM is a high-yielding TruFlex hybrid that provides growers with flexibility on herbicide rates, application windows and harvest management.

PV 680 LC is the first LibertyLink hybrid from Proven Seed. With resistance to clubroot and blackleg, this high-yielding hybrid excels across Western Canada.

PV 681 LC is the earliest LibertyLink hybrid from Proven Seed. With resistance to clubroot and blackleg, this high-yielding hybrid excels across Western Canada.

PV 585 GC is a multi-genic clubroot hybrid. With resistance to clubroot and blackleg, PV 585 GC is a great option for high-risk clubroot geographies.

*Editor’s Note: We omitted BASF’s new offerings from our original list. We greatly regret this error.

**Editor’s Note: We originally noted that this product would be approved in the first quarter of 2020, but, as noted in the corrected version of the article, approval has been delayed. We apologize for this error.

New yellow flax from Seednet
SeedNet will is releasing a new variety of yellow flax for 2020, CDC Dorado. This is a high- yielding yellow flax with better oil content, linolenic acid content, meal protein and a good disease package, among other positive characteristics like large seed and shatter resistance. This variety was bred at the Crop Development Centre at the University of Saskatchewan.

Topaz flax from Alliance Seed*
Topaz is a new flax variety featuring good yield potential, excellent lodging resistance, and high oil content. This variety has increased yield over check varieties in provincial testing, early maturity and improved lodging resistance.

*Editor’s note: Alliance Seed was originally left out of this article. We regret this oversight.

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