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Marie And Marty’s Top 5

Starting a new venture, whether diversifying the crop mix or getting out of conventional agriculture entirely, takes planning and courage. Marie and Marty Bohnet, owners of Cypress Hills Winery near Maple Creek, Sask., offer their top five tips for taking on a new venture.

1. The hardest thing about change is taking the first step. Usually you look back and wonder why you didn’t leap sooner.

2. Start at the end. Be certain what you want your life and project to look like and then worry about the details on how to get there.

3. It doesn’t matter if you own a ranch or a winery, if you have a small business it is very easy to let the line between “making a living” and “having a life” get blurry –especially if your business partner is also your spouse. Treat the job like a job. Set times for when you don’t talk business.

4. Learn to delegate. The sooner you shed your control issues the better you are going to sleep!

5. Enjoy the small victories along the way. Obviously you have to set long-term goals, but life is not always about money and so much of it should be celebrated more often.



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