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John Deere introduces the LS20 Frontier mounted sprayer

Virtually every farm needs to control weed growth around bin yards, ditches and other areas that are impossible to get a regular field sprayer into, especially if there are infestations of noxious weeds or those that pose a particular problem for livestock, such as burdock.

Using a mounted sprayer on a UTV or utility tractor is ideal for jobs like that. In August, John Deere introduced its new LS20 Frontier model, which is designed to be mounted on small tractor three-point hitches.

“These sprayers are ideal for applying products along fence rows, to road ditches, yards or everything in between,” said Scott Geier, sales and marketing manager for John Deere.

The LS20 can be ordered with 45-, 60-, 110- or 150-gallon (170 to 567 litre) tanks and five boom widths from 10 to 30 feet wide (3.0 to 9.1 metres).

A boomless option for spraying across rough terrain or when obstacles are present is also avail- able in 24- or 30-foot (7.3 to 9.1 metre) spray widths, which can be fitted with flat spray nozzles. The LS20 comes equipped with a handy spray wand or spray gun to help get those hard-to-reach or smaller areas.

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