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Eight New Soybean Varieties For 2012

There are eight new soybean varieties available to western Canadian farmers for 2012. All are in the 2400 to 2500 heat unit range, except for one new variety from Brett Young Pekko R2Y and another from DeKalb 23-10RY which are 2375 and 2325 CHU, respectively.

All new varieties include Roundup Ready herbicide tolerance and one new variety marketed by Secan Chadburn R2 also carries Genuity, a trademark term from Monsanto, which refers to package of crop protection traits.


Pekko R2Y Crop Kind: RR

Maturity: 2375 CHU

Variety Highlights:One of the earliest maturing varieties, with good yield. It is a semi-bushy, short variety with good standability.

Sampsa R2Y Crop Kind: RR

Maturity: 2475 CHU

Variety Highlights:A medium maturity variety, with very high yield. It is a semi-bushy, medium short variety, with good standability. High pod placement for very good harvestability.


DEKALB 23-10RY Crop Kind: RR

Maturity: 2325 CHU

Variety Highlights:New for Fall 2011, this variety is early maturing with excellent standability. It branches well and has excellent tolerance to white mould.

DEKALB 24-10RY Crop Kind: RR

Maturity: 2425 CHU

Variety Highlights:Another addition to the lineup, with good maturity similar to 25-04R. Also has excellent lodging resistance, yield potential and white mould tolerance.


Chadburn R2

Crop Kind: Genuity RR2Y Maturity: 2475 CHU

Variety Highlights:High yield potential, with excellent lodging resistance, medium sized seed, good Iron Deficiency Chlorosis (IDC) score.


PS 0083 R2 Crop Kind: RR

Maturity: 2500 CHU

Variety Highlights:High performance RR2Y variety with excellent agronomics and yield potential. Medium tall plant height with medium canopy structure and excellent standability. Registration pending.



Crop Kind: RR

Maturity: 2425 CHU

Variety Highlights:900Y61 is a very early variety with strong field emergence. It contains the Rps1c gene for multi-race Phytophthora resistance.


Crop Kind: RR

Maturity: 2475 CHU

Variety Highlights:900Y81is a new early variety with solid agronomics. Very good harvest standabilty.

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Seed company contacts:

For more information on new seed varieties and availability, contact the following companies:

MYCOGEN SEEDS 1.877.Mycogen (692-6436)

PIONEER HI-BRED 1-800-265-9435

Brettyoung 1-800-665-5015

MONSANTO/DEKALB 1-800-667-4944

PICKSEED 1-800-263-7425

PRIDE SEEDS 1-800-265-5280

SECAN 1-800-665-7333



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