Cabri District Lions Grow Over $50K For Community

Last spring the Cabri District Lions were looking for a community fundraiser that could not only raise a significant amount of cash but also tap into their passion. They found it in their Quarter Farm Project. In April 2010 the Lions rented a quarter of land from fellow Lion Bruce Carleton and got to the business of farming.

“This project has given both our club and our community momentum,” says Lions member and mayor of Cabri, David Gossard. “We want to thank every Lion, community investor, and sponsors and for their support in helping to generate over $50,000 for our area.”

Gossard attributes the project’s success to three factors:

Community Investors: The club sold sponsorship of the acres at $100 per acre. This was used to cover cost of land rental, hail and crop insurance and other expenses related to the project that were not sponsored. Not only did they reach the 160-acre goal but surpassed it by selling 174 acres for a total of $17,400.

Input Sponsors: The project was also successful in attracting sponsors of agricultural inputs needed to grow the 80 acres of canola and 80 acres of red lentil crops. A field day sponsored by Innovation Credit Union on July 8 highlighted their products and support (see Sponsorship &Operations Summary for both crops).

Teamwork: Many area growers and businesses volunteered their equipment and labour to help get the crop in the ground, sprayed, in the bin and then to market.

How the funds will be distributed is yet to be determined but there will be a formal process for applying for and then distributing the funds for the betterment of the community. Meanwhile, the Cabri District Lions plan to showcase the results of their project at their Christmas party on December 3.

“This has been an incredible project for our community to undertake,” says Gossard. “Our vision was to launch a fun, exciting and visible community fundraiser that focuses on our natural abilities and feeds our spirit. And, I believe we’ve successfully met that objective.”

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