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Barley varieties for 2015

The Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre has released its list of varieties for the next crop year

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The Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre (CMBTC) is made up of members of the malting barley, malt and brewing industries, and partially funded by farmers. The CMBTC distributes an annual list of recommended malt barley varieties, based on input from grain companies, maltsters, brewers and other organizations. The CMBTC says in its press release, “The recommendations are based on varieties the industry has indicated will have the greatest likelihood of being selected by grain and malting companies for both domestic and export markets from the 2015 harvest.”

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Because different varieties grow better in some areas or are more in demand in some regions, Peter Watts, CMBTC managing director, said in the release, “the CMBTC and its members recommend producers talk with their local malting barley buyer about opportunities in their area to grow and market two-row and six-row malting barley varieties.”

The CMBTC says demand for six-row malting barley has been declining. Talk to your local buyer before choosing to grow a six-row variety in your area.

On November 14, the federal government announced that it will provide the CMBTC with $1.95 million over the next five years. In a press release, Watts said the funding will “help Canada remain the premier supplier of malting barley to domestic and international markets.”

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