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AG PhD’s fertilizer removal app

In this new series, Jay Peterson reviews ag-related apps for iPod and iPhone. 
The first app up: fertilizer removal by crop

Editor’s note: Jay Peterson has a new iPad. He’s going to be using it to check out apps (software applications) that might be useful on your farm. Let us know if you’re looking for an app for a specific need, or if there’s an Android or Blackberry app you’d like to review.

This fertilizer removal app is a great way to quickly look at how many nutrients are removed from the soil for a certain crop and yield. It’s useful for working out numbers, and allows farmers to look at maximizing yield based on the amount of fertilizer they have or are willing to add as an input.

The app starts at a crop selection screen where you can choose your crop. When I first used this app, there were only about six different crops available. Now they’ve released an update — with 58 different crops, the app is a lot more useful! While they’ve added canola (which is helpful), mustard is not included. I’m not sure which of the 58 crops include in the app would be the best comparison for mustard farmers.

From there you simply enter your yield goal for that crop. Ag PhD then shows you the nutrients removed for this yield, giving you the amount taken out in the grain and the amount left in the stover (leaves and stalk left behind after combining), then the total of these two.

The stover is the nutrient concentration at plant maturity. It includes all of the major macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients needed, which is nice.

Farmers can now easily tailor micro-nutrient fertilizer packages for their yield and crop goals, making their land more sustainably productive. After you have a yield and nutrient chart that you like it, you can save it to this app. Then you can email the information to yourself or your agronomist for further discussion of your nutrient needs.

Ag PhD’s “Fertilizer removal by crop” is a great little app for your iPad that allows you to play with and try to lock down your nutrient needs for the upcoming year. Find it at on in the Apple iTunes store. Price: Free. †

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