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7 Steps To Reduce Risk

Martin Leuenberger is an opportunist with an eye on expansion. He mitigates risk by:

1. Using B. C. crop insurance, which guarantees him 90 per cent of his average farm yield.

2. Growing fescue seed as part of his rotation, a crop which almost always brings some reward in the shorter season.

3. Renting most of his land at $15 to $20 per acre instead of buying at $70,000 to $80,000 a quarter.

4. Using aeration on all his bins so he can combine tough crop and get grain in the bin in the short fall.

5. Rent enough acres to make full use of his equipment.

6. Be ready to go at full tilt when it’s time to go at seeding and harvest times.

7. A good working partnership with his father.



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