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41 threshing machines set new record

Experienced threshing crews gathered at Langenburg, 
Sask., in August to set a 
new Guiness Record

Forty two threshing crews from across western Canada and the U.S. gathered at Langenburg, Sask., in late August to help set a new Guiness Record for the number of threshing machines run at one time in one spot. The previous record was 29 threshing machines. The group raised over $60,000 for the Foodgrains Bank.

The event was organized and run by many volunteers, businesses and other supporters from far and wide. The goal was to bring in sheaves and have each machine thresh at least 40 bushels of grain. While 42 machines arrived, one had a breakdown that could not be repaired in the field.

Gordon MacPhee, retired farmer from Dauphin, Man had his Massey thresher at Langenburg. He didn’t bring a tractor so a kind fellow from Russell, Manitoba lent him a Lanz one cylinder tractor to run the thresher. Gordon said they had extra volunteers on hand so they helped feed sheaves into the threshers next to the Massey.

In the photos you can spot the following from Dauphin: Raymond Rogerson, Lyle McNichol,Bert Parsons, Ken Cooper and Gordon MacPhee. Some belong to the Heritage Association in Dauphin that meets regularly, maintains old equipment and shows it off at the Dauphin Ukrainian Festival held south of Dauphin on the Long weekend in August. Next year the Festival will celebrate its 49th anniversary of continuous yearly entertainment at what is now affectionately called “The Hill.”

Many other volunteers came with the threshers; some others just showed up. Sheaves were brought in from the nearby field on hay racks, car trailers, sweeps and semi trailers — whatever was available. It was a bright sunny day and roughly 5,000 people showed up at the event.

The organizers didn’t charge admission but did pass a grain sack around and collected over $45,000 in cash for the Foodgrains Bank. Another $25,000 was donated from canola sold after the event.

Harold Penner, who works for the Foodgrains Bank says this was a tremendous show of how people are getting together to raise money to feed others. Harold and the Foodgrains Bank also help organize dozens of fields around Manitoba where farmers donate land and equipment to seed, manage and harvest a crop that is donated to the Foodgrains Bank. This year farmers and their families donated 5,600 acres worth of harvested grains and oilseeds through 40 projects.

You can donate grain to the Canada Foodgrains Bank at your local elevator, or donate cash. You’ll get a tax receipt for the value of the grain or the cash you donate. The mission of the Canada Foodgrains Bank is to end global hunger. Learn more online at †

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