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WI Plants Trees In Manitoba

We chose a sunny day in July and with the help of husbands and community members got the job done.

Since its inception in 1910 the Manitoba Women’s Institute members have always been involved in the betterment of their communities. It seems only fitting then, that celebrating their 100-year anniversary would involve planting trees to provide comfort to future generations. Enid Clark, Manitoba Women’s Institute president, requested all locals to participate in some kind of tree-planting event to “help to contribute towards combatting climate change.”

In response to this, Brandon WI donated a tree to a deserving community member, Inwood WI had a tree-planting party as part of their 90-year anniversary celebrations and Basswood WI planted 12 trees at the Minnedosa Heritage Village and Museum. The Basswood group also planted two white spruces in memory of Jean MacDonald, a WI member of 61 years. Rivers

WI is planning to plant 15 to 20 trees at the local cemetery and Narcisse WI, which my daughter and I belong to, planted trees at the community centre. In its previous life the community centre was the local one-room schoolhouse which the ladies have been lovingly caring for and restoring the property for several years. We chose a sunny day in July, and with the help of husbands and community members got the job done. In true WI fashion the work was followed by good food and fellowship.

The WI locals all had their own unique funding methods. Some of them fundraised and some of them received donations. If anyone is interested in joining the Manitoba WI in their tree-planting initiatives, one idea for funding is the Manitoba Hydro’s Forest Enhancement Program. There are three types of eligible projects: tree planting, forest education projects, and innovative forest projects. Forms can be found at: eligible_projects. shtml.

I’m sure that the rest of the 30 locals are busy planning their own events. It will be wonderful to be able to travel around Manitoba next year and see the difference a mere 500 women can make on the beauty of their community landscapes by planting these trees.

Debbie Chikousky farms at Narcisse, Manitoba

E-mail her at [email protected]

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