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Twisting to help relieve discomfort

Spinal twists can be beneficial for both spine and digestive health

Thread the needle.

With the winter holiday season coming up, we’ll be bombarded with gatherings, food, drinks, and cold weather — great for socializing — brutal for our bodies. Luckily, there are certain movements that can help with the usual bloating and general feelings of fullness and lethargy that can result.

Spinal twists are amazing moves for spine health, digestive health, and breathing mechanisms, and here’s three to try:

  • The supine twist — Laying on your back, bring your knee up to your chest and guide it across your body towards the floor on the opposite side. Look the opposite way to allow a twist through your entire torso. Stay here and breathe deeply for 20 to 30 seconds/side.
  • Thread the needle — On all fours, reach one hand to the sky and then underneath your supporting arm. Either hold this position or rotate through the movement 10 to 15 times, breathing deeply throughout.
  • The lunge twist — Either from a half lunge (back knee on the ground) or full lunge, place your opposite hand to your front leg on the ground, and reach towards the sky with the other hand, twisting through the torso. Careful here not to twist the hips, but only from the pelvis up. Hold and breathe for 10 to 30 seconds/side.

If you have a back injury or undiagnosed pain in your spine — please consult your health-care professional before trying these. Always pay attention to how you feel progressing into the movements — if you have pain, consult a professional before proceeding!

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Kathlyn Hossack runs a clinical practice, Integrative Movement in Winnipeg, Manitoba and consults clients throughout Alberta on a regular basis. For questions or consultations email her at [email protected].

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