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Small-Town “Country Boy” Breaking Into Music Industry

Dan Diehl, is a down-to-earth kinda guy who has never forgotten where his roots and talent originated.

Dan Diehl, is a down-to-earth kinda guy who has never forgotten where his roots and talent originated. Sitting in the comfort of his parents’ dining room, Dan explains the importance of loving what you do.

“I don’t consider singing and performing work,” said Diehl. “I enjoy what I do because I can sing and perform the way I want. I enjoy providing musical entertainment for the audience and watching them have a good time.”

The audience confirms his actions as larger and larger crowds are gathering and travelling to hear his band’s style of music.

Diehl was born and raised on a mixed farm operation near Marcelin, Saskatchewan. As the second of four boys born to Real and Louise Diehl, he was soon involved in the country life. Diehl developed an ear for music at the age of seven when he took organ lessons, and was encouraged to develop his vocal skills with gospel music. His passion for country music, along with the support of family and friends, has assisted Diehl in becoming such a strong singer, songwriter and performer.

Currently, residing in Airdrie, Alberta, Diehl has been singing for years, and has been playing guitar for over 10 years.

Diehl and his band of four continue to awe audiences in Alberta with their renditions of old-time country music. The use of cordless microphones and guitars allows the vocalists to interact with the crowd.

Diehl went to Nashville last September to begin work on his first album. One of his original songs on the album has been popular with couples wishing to use it as their wedding song. Once the words began to flow it took him 15 minutes to write the lyrics.

“It came to me quick,” said Diehl, explaining that he never knows when a line will come to him so he has learned to carry a voice recorder with him when travelling.

Singing, songwriting and performing have always been a dream of Diehl’s but was never really the “full” purpose of his life, and he plans to continue working full time and singing on the weekends. Diehl currently does his own bookings and managing, however, he is finding it more challenging to balance his country music career and his full-time job. He has never lost sight of his family values and hometown roots, and Diehl is a dedicated father and enjoys spending time with his 12-year-old son, Tyler, who has also inherited the natural talent and passion for music. Diehl plans to hire a full-time manager to assist with marketing and to release his music to the radio stations for air play. He does not want instant fame but to rather grow with the industry at a steady, progressive rate.

Fans can check out Diehl’s planned performances on Facebook. Staying in touch with his fans and friends this way covers a large percentage of his advertising.

“It is the biggest thing and an easy way to communicate with the world,” says Diehl.

Dan Diehl is slowly breaking into the Canadian country music industry and is a name that we should all remember, ’cause one day, this small-town country boy will be entertaining crowds in a big way.

Vivian Nemish writes from Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan

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