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Froese: ‘Shutdown’ insights to get folks to the transition table to talk

Froese: ‘Shutdown’ insights to get folks to the transition table to talk

Knowing some of the reasons why people shut down is good start to communication

The winter is cruising by and you are wondering if you are ever going to get a communication breakthrough to figure out “The Plan” for the future of your family and your farm. You might be the aging founder, the frustrated successor or the curious non-farm sibling. Whatever role you play, this scenario is impacting […] Read more

Some of my bottles hold self-infused vinegars — my own fruits, berries and herbs stuffed into jars of cider or wine vinegars.

Back to basics: vinegar

First We Eat: Vinegar has come a long way from being a staple used to make pickles

I was thrilled to recently read about Alchemist Vinegar, artisanal vinegars made by Paul Poutanen, owner of Tippa, a distiller in Okotoks, Alberta. I promptly ordered a sampler and am awaiting its arrival. I love vinegar, and six open bottles occupy prime real estate on the butcher block beside my stove. They offer testament to […] Read more

When we approach compensations from a place of understanding the value they’ve held at some point in relation to our survival, they begin to make a lot of sense.

The truth behind physical compensations

Fit to Farm: How people move and hold themselves can reveal much of their life history

Even compensations and imbalances have a time and place — just like crutches have a place after breaking a leg. Though often when compensations begin to cause issues like pain, performance barriers and tension, they’ve reached the end of their purpose. Our body’s job is to keep us functioning and stable (a.k.a. safe) in an […] Read more

Froese: Intentional Wealth — and other books to spark conversations

Froese: Intentional Wealth — and other books to spark conversations

These books are also full of ideas to help manage resources

I’ve pulled a few books off my library shelves to encourage you this month during the Great Pause to start having more open money conversations. Find an audiobook or borrow these great titles: Smart Money Smart Kids by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze. As a result of reading this book I’m giving my four-year-old granddaughter […] Read more

Back to basics with salt

Back to basics with salt

First We Eat: It not only enhances food’s flavour but traditionally used to celebrate friendship and new homes

Let’s start over. Yes, we are still in the grip of a pandemic. But there’s hope, and food is part of it. To reboot, here’s the first in several parts on culinary essentials — the balancing act of salt, acid, heat and sweetness. Today, salt. Like many cooks, I keep an array of salts on […] Read more

Froese: Letting go of the anger of failed succession plans

Froese: Letting go of the anger of failed succession plans

Despite the failed plan you have to get around the disappointment and see other opportunities

I can’t imagine what it feels like to think you are getting married and then find out at the rehearsal that the wedding is called off. Who do you go to, to ask for help to process that hurt, disappointment and embarrassment? There seems to be a parallel type of anger that follows a failed […] Read more

Pandemic cooking revival

Pandemic cooking revival

First We Eat: In unstable times there can be comfort in cooking

Food has always been essential, right up there with sleep, water and shelter. But it’s more than that: food is what we use to mark momentous occasions and events — brunch with the bunch, cake for a birthday, anniversary suppers, restaurant date nights, cookies with the kids after school. We’ve lost many of those occasions […] Read more

Farm marriages don’t need to get lost in fantasy or romantic dreams, but I do think it is time for validation of farm women.

Froese: Valentine validation of farm women and beyond

Time to affirm that your partner’s feelings and opinions are valid and worthwhile

One of the side-effects of being homebound during the “Great Pause” is that I’ve become very fond of the predictable story arc of Hallmark movies. We have a bit of a game to see if the first kiss is within the last 15 minutes of the show. Farm marriages don’t need to get lost in […] Read more

Embellishing everyday foods

Embellishing everyday foods

First We Eat: Add a puff pastry topping to a common stew and it suddenly elevates the meal

Mom doesn’t like to cook. I hardly blame her — she’s 84, after all, and spent decades feeding five kids and my dad. When Mom had double knee replacement surgery seven years ago, Dad stepped into the kitchen. Mom was relieved, and after her knees healed, she didn’t return to cooking, but ate whatever Dad […] Read more

This close-up shows the superb beauty in a single clematis flower.

Ted answers questions about clematis, cabbages and tomatoes

Singing Gardener: Plus, some pest controls to try out on your garden plants

A gardener recently told me about his disappointing and frustrating experience with a clematis. “It suddenly collapsed after appearing in good health earlier.” He continued, “It’s as though someone had cut off the entire plant at ground level, when in fact such wasn’t the case. What happened?” he asked of me. I told him: “Sounds […] Read more