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Froese: What is your model of forgiveness?

What conflict hits your farm what is your plan to make things better?

Happy Easter to one and all. Resurrection Sunday is a special celebration on our farm as we gather as family to celebrate a risen Saviour. We are a family of faith who farms. We also count our blessings when things are going smoothly and we are getting along. Some days, there is conflict, but it […] Read more

On days like that, the big kitchen is not warm unless I keep the fire bustling in the wood stove and have pots on all four burners of the gas stove, located at opposing ends of the kitchen.

Hot soup for a cold day

First We Eat: Try variations of this basic recipe to help get through the frigid weather

Before the polar vortex returned and the morning thermometer read -40 C, I spent some time splitting birch for the wood stove in the kitchen. We live in a house that’s over 100 years old, and my mom thinks that it was originally assembled from two grain bins bolted together; three steps lead down from […] Read more

Froese: Creating a sense of urgency is a good thing

Froese: Creating a sense of urgency is a good thing

Don’t wait and let a health crisis be your motivator — act now

Elaine, we started talking about this in 2014, and man, that was seven years ago,” quips the overwhelmed founder of a fifth-generation farm. “We need to get this done before seeding.” Where is it written that you cannot have conversations from the tractor while you are on auto steer? Procrastination is killing agriculture. You didn’t […] Read more

Modalities are essentially any technique or tool that is used to facilitate healing.

The value of healing modalities

Fit to Farm: Modalities are tools to be used in the process of progressive healing

We’ve all experienced some form of healing/therapeutic modality. Modalities are essentially any technique or tool that is used to facilitate healing. Examples could include massage/bodywork, NSAIDs/pain relief medication, ultrasound, acupuncture, TENs units, cupping, taping, etc. These modalities are tools to a larger process of healing. In theory they should be used as a stepping stone […] Read more

In my grandmother’s kitchen she is remembered

In my grandmother’s kitchen she is remembered

First We Eat: Memories are kept alive as we live on in the rural home of my grandparents

Dave and I live in my grandparents’ house in rural Saskatchewan. Back in the day it was a three-room farmhouse, the long narrow kitchen its beating heart, the other two rooms chilly and dark — heated only by the wood stove and illuminated by kerosene lanterns. Electricity came in the 1950s, when the local farmers […] Read more

Froese: ‘Shutdown’ insights to get folks to the transition table to talk

Froese: ‘Shutdown’ insights to get folks to the transition table to talk

Knowing some of the reasons why people shut down is good start to communication

The winter is cruising by and you are wondering if you are ever going to get a communication breakthrough to figure out “The Plan” for the future of your family and your farm. You might be the aging founder, the frustrated successor or the curious non-farm sibling. Whatever role you play, this scenario is impacting […] Read more

Some of my bottles hold self-infused vinegars — my own fruits, berries and herbs stuffed into jars of cider or wine vinegars.

Back to basics: vinegar

First We Eat: Vinegar has come a long way from being a staple used to make pickles

I was thrilled to recently read about Alchemist Vinegar, artisanal vinegars made by Paul Poutanen, owner of Tippa, a distiller in Okotoks, Alberta. I promptly ordered a sampler and am awaiting its arrival. I love vinegar, and six open bottles occupy prime real estate on the butcher block beside my stove. They offer testament to […] Read more

When we approach compensations from a place of understanding the value they’ve held at some point in relation to our survival, they begin to make a lot of sense.

The truth behind physical compensations

Fit to Farm: How people move and hold themselves can reveal much of their life history

Even compensations and imbalances have a time and place — just like crutches have a place after breaking a leg. Though often when compensations begin to cause issues like pain, performance barriers and tension, they’ve reached the end of their purpose. Our body’s job is to keep us functioning and stable (a.k.a. safe) in an […] Read more

Froese: Intentional Wealth — and other books to spark conversations

Froese: Intentional Wealth — and other books to spark conversations

These books are also full of ideas to help manage resources

I’ve pulled a few books off my library shelves to encourage you this month during the Great Pause to start having more open money conversations. Find an audiobook or borrow these great titles: Smart Money Smart Kids by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze. As a result of reading this book I’m giving my four-year-old granddaughter […] Read more

Back to basics with salt

Back to basics with salt

First We Eat: It not only enhances food’s flavour but traditionally used to celebrate friendship and new homes

Let’s start over. Yes, we are still in the grip of a pandemic. But there’s hope, and food is part of it. To reboot, here’s the first in several parts on culinary essentials — the balancing act of salt, acid, heat and sweetness. Today, salt. Like many cooks, I keep an array of salts on […] Read more