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Multi-Tasking Around The House

Like most moms, I find myself squeezed for time. If I’m not volunteering for special events at my daughter’s school, or working outside my home, then I’m involved with several other projects that clamour for my attention. Somehow, I have to find ways to keep the laundry washed, the family fed and the house clean and running smoothly.

I have found creative ways to get some of the less than desirable chores looked after while doing other jobs at the same time. One of those jobs that needs to be looked after is cleaning the bathroom. Now that my daughter is older, I can keep a shelf in the bathroom cupboard for cleansers. If I have what I need handy, then I know I can shower and get the washroom cleaned in one tidy swoop.

Before I hop into the shower, I spray down everything that needs a thorough cleaning. Then, I let the cleaners do what they were designed to do; scrub. I also know that I’m going to be throwing a load of laundry in right after I’m finished with the bathroom. I don’t hesitate to use the towels to help polish up the taps and wipe down the side of the tub and the floor.

Tip: Before you begin spraying, be sure to have a window open or the fan on.

While you’re in the shower, enjoy the warmth of the water as you wipe down the walls and tub. Your bathroom is now clean and fresh and so are you. Now you’re ready to tackle other parts of your day, knowing there is one less job to do.

Theresa Moleski writes from Delta, B. C.

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