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Dear Reena,

How can I remove hockey glove odours?

— Marie

Believe me Marie, I deal with this challenge on a weekly basis.

When it comes to storing hockey equipment the first step is to make a hockey tree using old hockey sticks and nails. Whenever your hockey player returns home from a game or a practice make sure that he or she hangs all equipment on the tree which should be stored in a cold, ventilated area such as an uninsulated garage or outside.

Before washing equipment check care label instructions. I wash hockey gloves in the washing machine and lay them out to dry. You can even add 1/4 cup of borax or washing soda to the machine. The hockey gloves do not lose their shape and I can once again breathe easy.

Dear Reena,

I have never seen a question on this before. We have stippled ceilings throughout our entire home. Additionally, we have a ceiling fan in our kitchen and three bedrooms. Over time, dust collects on the stippled ceiling around where the fan blades rotate. We have tried vacuuming, gently dusting with a feather duster and we have sprayed with mild bleach and water. However, we can never get a thorough job done in removing the dust specs. Would you have any solutions for this problem?

— Thanks, Peter Hi there Peter,

Begin by determining if the stipple has previously been painted (sounds like yours has not). If the stipple was painted with an oil-based paint, paint over the oil with latex or oil. If the ceiling has never been painted spray it with the following all-purpose cleaner recipe: 2 cups rubbing alcohol, 1/2 cup household ammonia, 1 tsp. Dawn dish soap and enough water to fill the bottle. Spray, wipe and rinse (taken fromHousehold Solutions 2 with Kitchen Secrets).If stains remain, hide them by using shellac before painting. The shellac will seal the stain and prevent the stain from bleeding through. Or paint with an oil-based stipple paint to harden the surface, making it easy to wipe. Keep in mind that once stipple is painted it is extremely difficult to remove if you ever do decide to scrape it. Touching up stipple on ceilings can be difficult to colour match; often the entire surface must be repainted. Other options in touching up stipple are to sponge on colourmatched grout or stipple fix which comes in a small container and is available at hardware stores.

Dear Reena,

What is the best product for cleaning and disinfecting countertops, the kitchen table and toilet bowls? My wife is not well and I have the job of cleaning the house. I have been reading your tips and find them very helpful. Hope you can help me with my questions.

— Thanks, Bob Bob,

I love to use white vinegar in a spray bottle combined with 10 drops of tea tree oil (available at grocery and health food stores). This is a great antiseptic and doesn’t put harmful toxic chemicals into the air. This combo can be used for counters and bathroom areas. Another option is to clean with three per cent hydrogen peroxide (found in the pharmacy section of grocery stores) and quickly gaining popularity. Use this in the bathroom, counters and cutting boards… outstanding. With regards to the kitchen table, the cleaner choice will depend on what the table is made from, therefore I need more information before I can help you with that one. I hope that your wife gets better soon!

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