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Green is the only way to go, according to experts around the world. We are constantly bombarded by the media and others on how to stop climate change and save the planet. There are steps we, as homemakers, can take to help reduce pollution. Since many commercial cleaners are damaging to the environment, perhaps making our own cleansers which are environmentally friendly is a good step to take. The bonus is that they cost little to make and thus save dollars. Oftentime the cleansers we buy are toxic, create allergic reactions and end up polluting the soil. Here are some earth-friendly cleansers you can make to use around your home.

Toilet bowl cleaner: Pour 1 cup vinegar over stains in bowl. Sprinkle 1 cup borax over vinegar. Let sit 2 hours. Brush and flush. These amounts are for stains and weekly cleaning. Use smaller amounts of borax and vinegar for daily cleaning. and see the sparkle. Wipe taps with a vinegar-dampened cloth and buff dry.

Ceramic stove-top: Wipe with vinegar and

rinse with water. Buff to a brilliant shine. For detergent. Put in a spray bottle and use to wipe cupboards, countertops and appliances.

Air freshener: Combine 1 tsp. baking soda, 1 tbsp. vinegar, 2 cups water. After it stops foaming pour into a spray bottle and spray into the air for a chemical-free freshness.

For cooking odours: Simmer a pot of water to which has been added 1/4 cup vinegar.

Laundry detergent: Pour

8 cups hot water into a large plastic jug. Add: 2 tbsp. borax, 3 tbsp. washing soda, 2 tbsp. grated Sunlight soap. Shake to mix. Use 1/2 to 1 cup for each load.

Stain remover: Scrub Sunlight bar soap into stain. Let sit awhile and launder.

Carpet cleaner: Make a paste of 2 tbsp. borax, 2 tbsp. salt and 1/4 cup vinegar. Rub into stain. When dry, vaccum.

Joanne Rawluk writes from Gypsumville, Manitoba

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