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Make A Santa Hanger With Kids

ere’s a great craft to do with the kids over the holidays.


Stretch out wire hanger until it is a long, narrow hoop. Slide it into nylon. Tie a knot around the hook and reshape hanger to look like a head. Take 3 to 4 cotton balls and bunch them into a ball. In the middle of Santa head push the cotton balls into the nylon. Pinch Santa’s nose and secure it with the elastic. Take the blush and apply some colour to the nose, using the blush brush. Add some colour for the cheeks. Take 1 piece of white paper and cut out half the shape of Santa’s head and glue it on the back (below nose). Turn Santa back over so nose is facing you. Take the 7 pieces of white paper and cut 1-inch strips. Take scissors and curl the paper strips into ringlets. Start gluing from the bottom up. When you reach nose, fan the strips out. Take red paper and cut a saggy-looking triangle for Santa’s hat. On the back of Santa’s head, take a small piece of scrap paper and glue it where the hat will be. This will give the hat something to hold on to when you glue it into place. Turn Santa over and glue down hat. Take about 8 cotton balls and shred them for the fur trim. Don’t forget the pompom. Glue the googly eyes into place. Take a small piece of cotton and rub it between your hands to create eyebrows.

Hang up and enjoy!

Theresa Moleski writes from Delta, B. C.

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