Make A Mother’s Day Brooch

This craft requires simple skills so all ages can create a brooch without stress.


Grey lid from a 35-mm film canister White craft glue

Small beads, baubles and trinkets Sparkles Tweezers Pin fixture

Glue gun and sticks

Second-hand stores are a great place to find unique beads and baubles in the form of necklaces and bracelets. Check with a photo-processing store for the grey film canister lids. They are shallow and flat in the centre, giving the best final shape to the brooch.


Cover your work area. Set out containers with a variety of beads or baubles. Pour white glue into the grey lid, to the three-quarter mark. Randomly, sprinkle beads and/or sparkles over the glue until the lid is full, or put a layer of sparkles or beads as a base into the glue and then use the tweezers to set the baubles in place. Be creative.

Set in a well-ventilated area for three or four days until the lid is easily separated from the brooch. If the glue is still wet, press the beads back into the lid and allow for a longer drying time.

Once dry, carefully separate the lid from the set glue. For a final touch, a trim of thin chain or ribbon can be glued around the edge. Glue the pin fixture to the back of brooch.

As you can see by the photo, there is no right or wrong way when creating these brooches. Finding just the right bauble to personalize the brooch for your mom can be just as much fun as making it.

Note: Do not allow these to get wet as they will fall apart.

Option: To add sheen and to seal the glue, a spray lacquer may be applied in a well-ventilated area.

Dana Ramstedt is a freelance writer and preschool teacher of 18 years.



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